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My Gamercard

Since I haven’t really posted any new pictures onto this site in probably over a year; I decided to sort of “steal” Vanlandw’s idea and throw my Gamercard into the sidebar.

My gamer score is up enough now where I’m not totally ashamed of it – and I like the look that some sort of picture adds to the top right corner of my website.  Not sure if it’s going to be permanent or not; but for now it’s going to stay there.

Good idea Vanlandw!

Thanksgiving Weigh in

Over the past few years; my brother and I have gotten into a tradition where we do a “weigh in” for Thanksgiving to see who can eat more food.  We weigh ourselves IMMEDIATELY before sitting down to eat – and then again IMMEDIATELY after finishing our meals.

Results follow.  I have pretty much set a record here for the brothers VanBergen weigh in.


Vanbergs:  182.8 lbs
Vanberge:  248.0 lbs


Vanbergs:  186.6 lbs
Vanberge:  254.0 lbs


Vanbergs:  3.8 lbs
Vanberge:  6.0 lbs

LoRD Sheer Death Knight

Who would you like to attack?

(full or PARTIAL name)
NAME: jjafuller

You mean jjafuller? [Y] Y

You enter jjafullers room…He is sleeping.
You notice he has a dangerous looking Wans’s Weapon by his bed..
Are you sure you want to attack him?

Attack jjafuller [Y] :Y

Being a trained warrior, he jumps up suddenly, aware of your


You have encountered jjafuller!!

Your skill allows you to get the first strike.

Your Hitpoints : 549
jjafuller’s Hitpoints : 784


(D)eath Knight Attack (2)

Your command, Vanberge?  [A] : D

In a situation like this, you need every advantage you can get.


In a spectacular move, you drive your weapon up between jjafuller’s
legs.  You grin as your Able’s Sword crunches noisily.

You hit jjafuller for 608 damage!

** jjafuller hits with his Wans’s Weapon for 85 damage! **

Your Hitpoints : 464
jjafuller’s Hitpoints : 176


(D)eath Knight Attack (1)

Your command, Vanberge?  [A] : D

In a situation like this, you need every advantage you can get.


After exchanging blows & blocks for nearly a minute, jjafuller
gets too fancy, and as a result an attempt to jump a low swing results
in the severing of your enemy’s left leg.  His remaining leg slips in

You hit jjafuller for 476 damage!

Ernest has finally learned his lesson it seems.

You have killed jjafuller!

You receive 0 gold, and 815113 experience!

You also find 1 Gems!

Say something to the press? [N] : Y

Share your feelings now.. (Max 50 char!)
“`#And Shepherds we shall be…

(E)ffing Mad

Your emotional state? [H] :S

“And Shepherds we shall be…” Vanberge declares sadly.

LoRD – Complete Espionage Conspiracy

(1:09:53 PM) working vanlandw: VANBERGE
(1:10:31 PM) vanberge4: yo
(1:10:38 PM) working vanlandw: do you know if staying at the inn restores your hp?
(1:11:13 PM) vanberge4: i do not know actually
(1:11:25 PM) working vanlandw: this game is bullshit everybody is ahead of me there is nothing i can do everybody obove me is just going ot keep poaching me
(1:13:57 PM) vanberge4: actually i htink you’re ok now
(1:14:05 PM) vanberge4: people can only attack you if they are at your level or 1 higher
(1:14:09 PM) vanberge4: 2+ and it fails
(1:15:38 PM) vanberge4: you should slay flo and payner in their respective inns
(1:15:43 PM) vanberge4: you can use death knight attacks
(1:15:48 PM) working vanlandw: tomorrow
(1:15:50 PM) vanberge4: nope
(1:15:51 PM) vanberge4: NOW
(1:15:55 PM) working vanlandw: i should have enough money ot buy the next armor upgrade
(1:16:00 PM) working vanlandw: then i’ll have the 30,000 upgrades
(1:16:03 PM) working vanlandw: then i should have a chance
(1:16:27 PM) vanberge4: you should try vanlandw! you can do it!
(1:16:36 PM) vanberge4: if you kill them you’ll get some G
(1:16:47 PM) working vanlandw: i’m not strong enough
(1:16:54 PM) working vanlandw: i tried killing flo
(1:16:54 PM) vanberge4: dude it doesnt matter with DK attacks
(1:17:01 PM) working vanlandw: it didn’t work
(1:17:02 PM) vanberge4: i hit jja for 600 damage when i was a level 7
(1:17:08 PM) working vanlandw: tomorrow
(1:17:17 PM) working vanlandw: right now i’m just going to bide my time till i have enough dough to upgrade
(1:17:26 PM) working vanlandw: then i’ll upgrade and i should have enough money tot ake out flo or payner
(1:17:30 PM) working vanlandw: hopefully lol
(1:18:24 PM) vanberge4: do you have hte long sword ?
(1:18:27 PM) vanberge4: or the “huge axe”

Vanlandw has left the realm.

(1:19:29 PM) working vanlandw: i got idle
(1:19:32 PM) working vanlandw: i’m on the phone
(1:19:44 PM) working vanlandw: are you going to murder me in the field?
(1:19:45 PM) vanberge4: I am going to transfer you 60,000 dollars to get your upgrades and fight flo. You have had a bad start and I want to help you
(1:19:50 PM) working vanlandw: LOL
(1:19:55 PM) vanberge4: if you say no, then I’m going to murder you
(1:20:03 PM) working vanlandw: do you have enough funds?
(1:20:09 PM) vanberge4: yeah i have like 300k in the bank
(1:20:11 PM) working vanlandw: you have already lent me a series of dollars
(1:20:18 PM) working vanlandw: i don’t know if ic an beat them
(1:20:23 PM) working vanlandw: i have the axe
(1:20:44 PM) vanberge4: you’re going to try
(1:20:50 PM) vanberge4: use your D attack
(1:20:54 PM) vanberge4: it’ll be a gg
(1:21:00 PM) working vanlandw: lmao
(1:21:03 PM) working vanlandw: that would be pretty funny
(1:21:08 PM) working vanlandw: i don’t know if i have more then one d attack
(1:21:30 PM) working vanlandw: i have 3 “Death knight skills”
(1:21:34 PM) vanberge4: vanlandw you have to take a chance
(1:21:41 PM) working vanlandw: i guess i have to
(1:21:42 PM) vanberge4: i started off really crappy
(1:21:50 PM) working vanlandw: i started out really crappy
(1:21:50 PM) vanberge4: but I killed kramer when he was at the top
(1:21:56 PM) vanberge4: using my D attack
(1:22:03 PM) vanberge4: it was a great risk but well worth it
(1:22:18 PM) working vanlandw: you are now number one
(1:22:26 PM) vanberge4: yup
(1:22:27 PM) working vanlandw: and vo is not doing very well
(1:22:31 PM) working vanlandw: he died int eh field today
(1:22:33 PM) vanberge4: because i fight people who are ahead of me
(1:22:52 PM) vanberge4: i slayed jja yesterday and he was way above me in exp
(1:23:00 PM) vanberge4: it’s all in the “D”
(1:23:27 PM) vanberge4: it said it transferrred the money but I dont see any of it
(1:23:34 PM) vanberge4: see if you have it
(1:23:43 PM) working vanlandw: ok i will
(1:25:35 PM) vanberge4: how much would you need for a way higher weapon ?
(1:26:15 PM) working vanlandw: 100,000
(1:27:07 PM) vanberge4: what armor do you have
(1:27:27 PM) working vanlandw: leather
(1:27:32 PM) working vanlandw: i was saving for the next one at 30,000
(1:27:49 PM) vanberge4: buy the iron armour
(1:28:01 PM) vanberge4: actually im going to give you more money so you can upgrade both of these
(1:28:07 PM) vanberge4: i want to make sure you can kill flo
(1:29:01 PM) vanberge4: i have sent you 200,000
(1:29:07 PM) vanberge4: buy good shit; kill flo and payner
(1:31:12 PM) working vanlandw: wow
(1:31:15 PM) working vanlandw: that is so funny
(1:31:54 PM) vanberge4: i am helping a fellow van who has had a rough go of it
(1:32:01 PM) vanberge4: i make like 30k per forest fight so iz gg
(1:35:14 PM) vanberge4: you HAVE to try fighting them now.
(1:35:16 PM) vanberge4: 😛
(1:35:26 PM) working vanlandw: i’m workin on it
(1:35:32 PM) vanberge4: if you still say “tomorrow” im going to go in administratively and take that money away and make your guy dead
(1:35:38 PM) working vanlandw: no i’m going to
(1:35:43 PM) working vanlandw: i just gotta do a few work things
(1:35:43 PM) vanberge4: =D
(1:35:59 PM) vanberge4: i love you vanlandw
(1:36:11 PM) vanberge4: harness the engergy of lendale white and ricky williams to help you through it
(1:37:37 PM) working vanlandw: i wonder if i’m not high enough level to buy that equpiment
(1:38:11 PM) vanberge4: it shouldtn matter
(1:39:17 PM) working vanlandw: i have the bone cruncher and graphite armour
(1:39:20 PM) vanberge4: amazing
(1:39:46 PM) working vanlandw: seriously he’s going to kill me
(1:39:53 PM) vanberge4: D
(1:40:01 PM) working vanlandw: Being a trained warrior, he jumps up suddenly, aware of your


You have encountered E-Flo!!

E-Flo surprises you.

** E-Flo Executes A Power Move **

** E-Flo hits with his Bone Cruncher for 66 damage! **

Your Hitpoints : 1
E-Flo’s Hitpoints : 149
(1:40:10 PM) working vanlandw: You have killed E-Flo!
(1:40:11 PM) vanberge4: Run and try again
(1:40:13 PM) vanberge4: LOL
(1:40:17 PM) vanberge4: you did it!!!
(1:40:20 PM) working vanlandw: i am lmfao
(1:40:29 PM) vanberge4: this has been an amazing thing
(1:40:45 PM) vanberge4: you literally had 1 point
(1:40:59 PM) vanberge4: that is just awesome
(1:41:00 PM) working vanlandw: i don’t know if i can take payner
(1:41:10 PM) working vanlandw: if flo pretty much murdered me i don’t think i can get him
(1:41:21 PM) working vanlandw: i guess i can try
(1:41:21 PM) vanberge4: do you have more D
(1:41:35 PM) vanberge4: you didnt get uch xp for that… i’m surprised
(1:41:43 PM) working vanlandw: nope no more d
(1:42:04 PM) vanberge4: you prob can level up
(1:42:07 PM) working vanlandw: nope
(1:42:09 PM) vanberge4: then you might get a new D
(1:42:10 PM) working vanlandw: i’m going to stay here
(1:42:19 PM) working vanlandw: at 4 nobody can kill me lol
(1:42:23 PM) vanberge4: VANLANDW
(1:42:26 PM) working vanlandw: i’ll prob kill flo and payner for a few days
(1:42:29 PM) working vanlandw: then wait to level up
(1:42:36 PM) working vanlandw: payner and flo are 6
(1:42:38 PM) working vanlandw: they can’t kill me
(1:42:44 PM) working vanlandw: i pretty much rather just piss them off
(1:42:56 PM) vanberge4: if you visit turgon does he say” ooh your muscles are big like lendale”
(1:43:10 PM) working vanlandw: lol yeah he does
(1:43:12 PM) vanberge4: that will refresh your D and you can take out payner!
(1:43:17 PM) working vanlandw: hmmm
(1:43:25 PM) working vanlandw: does that give you “D” leveling up?
(1:43:28 PM) vanberge4: vanlandw this is just an epic day
(1:43:30 PM) working vanlandw: lol
(1:43:31 PM) vanberge4: i think it does!
(1:43:39 PM) vanberge4: you can kill them both!
(1:43:42 PM) vanberge4: COME ON
(1:43:46 PM) vanberge4: you have to try!!!! :-/
(1:43:50 PM) working vanlandw: “You’re becoming a very skilled warrior.”
(1:43:54 PM) vanberge4: dude
(1:43:59 PM) vanberge4: heal your guy first tho
(1:44:08 PM) working vanlandw: Ye Gods!! You are a master warrior!
(1:44:29 PM) working vanlandw: i do have another use lol
(1:44:34 PM) working vanlandw: ok i’ll try to get payner
(1:44:36 PM) vanberge4: yes
(1:44:38 PM) vanberge4: you will
(1:44:39 PM) vanberge4: lol
(1:44:42 PM) vanberge4: this is so awesome
(1:45:14 PM) working vanlandw: You hit Payner for 179 damage!

You blew your master away!

You have killed Payner!
(1:45:19 PM) working vanlandw: lol?
(1:45:20 PM) vanberge4: wow
(1:45:23 PM) vanberge4: this is just amazing
(1:46:52 PM) working vanlandw: i have reutrned to the mundane world
(1:46:57 PM) vanberge4: man
(1:46:57 PM) working vanlandw: i just murdered everybody
(1:47:00 PM) vanberge4: what an epic day
(1:47:04 PM) working vanlandw: they must be so pist
(1:47:05 PM) vanberge4: that was seriously awesome vanlandw
(1:47:29 PM) vanberge4: now see what that did? you went from lik 2,000 xp to 27k
(1:47:33 PM) vanberge4: you’re right in the mix
(1:47:52 PM) working vanlandw: well without any help i would be getting my shit pushed
(1:48:38 PM) vanberge4: how awesome was that though
(1:48:51 PM) vanberge4: we have just conspired to the nth degree and committed sheer LoRD espionage warfare
(1:48:51 PM) working vanlandw: they are going to be so pist lol
(1:49:09 PM) vanberge4: i am posting this entire chat on my website
(1:49:10 PM) vanberge4: lol
(1:49:30 PM) working vanlandw: getting sold out is so funny