About the Man

In my personal life, my hobbies include anything related to the following areas: video games, movies, music, computers, cars, skateboards, biking, web design, billiards, reading (sometimes, just recently), and digital photography. I very often plunge into compulsive phases where I spend hours at a time trying out new things. I have great friends that I’ve known for over a decade, a great family that is always there for me, including an amazing wife with two wonderful sons.

In my professional life, I help bring cloud solutions to life in enterprise IT.  I love helping design and develop ways for business to use the cloud!

About the Site

This site for me is basically an outlet. I share my thoughts, my feelings, and generally complain about various things. I am admittedly overly critical of most things and the site will mostly reflect that. I use ericvb.com to explore internet technologies and web design in general. Although my job does not require web development, it has been a hobby of mine since college. This site’s last role is to serve as a means for me to keep in contact with friends and family, share some of my digital self, and generally waste hours and hours of time that could probably be otherwise productive. Ultimately, In the long run I try to chronicle some of the more important points in my life so that I can reflect on how and why I was feeling certain ways at certain times in my life.

Feel free to contact me: vanberge [at] gmail.com