My Gamercard

Since I haven’t really posted any new pictures onto this site in probably over a year; I decided to sort of “steal” Vanlandw’s idea and throw my Gamercard into the sidebar.

My gamer score is up enough now where I’m not totally ashamed of it – and I like the look that some sort of picture adds to the top right corner of my website.  Not sure if it’s going to be permanent or not; but for now it’s going to stay there.

Good idea Vanlandw!

5 thoughts on “My Gamercard

  1. vanlandw

    Looking at your gamercard RIGHT NOW it shows a ‘4’ a ‘2’ a ‘4’ a ‘100’ and a ‘4’ as your last five games played.

    That is just bizarre.

    Regardless it looks prettty damn good now you just need to play online a little bet to raise your “REP”

    Also on the pace you are going I see “Vanberge4” catching “gaming vanlandw” in the fabled “G” before 2010


  2. Vo

    I should steal this idea as well. I prolly will after the Xmas break at GSVU when I have time to actually make my “G” higher than 400. It’s a sad day when most of my points come from 1 vs 100.

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