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I do continue to amaze myself with how truly nerdy I can be at times… For example, for the last 3 hours I have been diving into the enigma that is Google Android.

For those of you who may not know, Google Android is a mobile phone operating system and software environment. It’s all open source, based on the linux kernel, and primarily constructed with java. With all that being said, Google offers a development kit for anyone to download and use to dive into this mobile platform. And, I must say that it’s frickin’ awesome.

Google’s Dev kit includes a mobile phone emulator that launches and runs the Android environment; and for all intensive purposes it is a completely operational phone. I was blown away at how easy it is to start using the development kit. I installed Eclipse (A linux based development environment), I installed Google’s development kit, and finally I installed the Android plugins for Eclipse to build/open/run software applications.

Mainly I messed around with the phone and tried to see how Android is made. In the end I did end up writing a simple app to just output a ‘hello’ message “From Scratch” to the phone screen.

Long story short – I wish some company some where would actually release a phone that runs Android. I can’t find any information anywhere about anybody even beginning to run Android. Google’s own Android FAQ says “Nope” to the question: “Can I run Android on my current Cell phone?”. Well, somebody better get a phone out that can run it pretty fast. If interested, check out the youtube clip that shows a couple prototypes filmed by Google engineers.

Otherwise, some pics that I took of the emulator that came with Google’s SDK. I want that virtual phone. 🙁

Android Booting up…

The home screen of Android…

P4P in Android…

My stupid program in Android…

Calling Vanbergs in Android!

So you see… does it really get any nerdier than that??? I really can’t say that it does.  At any rate, it’s something to look forward to – and i’m definitely getting a phone that runs Android whenever the hell they do finally come out.

3 thoughts on “Google Android

  1. Vanberge

    Flo, yeah you like that Arnold quote reference? The emulator actually doesn’t make calls unfortunately.

    Jja – The emulator includes 4 different “phones”. I don’t see any documentation for what their screen resolutions are, but they vary from MotoQ sized to Iphone sized(ish). :-/

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