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I’m not even sure how exactly this started.  One second i was talking about Google ads with vanlandw.  Then I saw jjafuller’s search on his site and enjoyed that very much. And before I knew it, I spent an hour and a half changing my site to use Google as the search engine instead of the built in wordpress search functionalities.  I have to admit, i still like Jjafuller’s search better than google’s, but I like google’s much better than the default wordpress functionality.

Give it a try over on the sidebar—->

2 thoughts on “New Search – Powered by Google

  1. vanlandw

    I have to say it’s pretty slick. I do dislike how google throws it’s own ads on your site but other then that it works as intended…I searched for scion and got thrown four adverts then your results.

    You are a good man vanberge :-*


  2. vanberge

    i am using the google search as part of the adsense program 🙁 i knew they would be thrown in there unfortunately.

    but, i still like it way better than wordpresses built in search capabilities.

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