Respect the Link

I consider being ‘linked’ in somebody else’s blog or website a sign of respect. Linking somebody is an acknowledgment that another is worthy of your recommendation. If you link somebody, you ‘vouch’ for them in a sense. It’s a kind gesture, worthy of honor. But, it is not unconditional. If I show somebody respect, I would expect to be held in the same regard and have the same respect shown to me. If not, i can only assume we are nemesis.

Given that. A few links have been removed from my site: will have a grace period due to site overhaul.

I encourage all to review their links. Carefully consider who is / is not linked on your website. It shows constitution, and should not be taken lightly!

10 thoughts on “Respect the Link

  1. Kramer

    I have a strike through for on my site, but I believe you have made the right decision in removing it, Van. Next time I update my site, I will do the same.

  2. vanlandw

    Again you make a very good point vanberge. The “link” is a very important thing. Personally I try to link to all my friends. If they don’t return the link so be it but I’ve been debating on being more stern.

    You are a good man vanberge and yes I did remove my link to rusty he doesn’t deserve it. 😛

  3. vanbergs

    Apparently my links got deleted when I switched themes :-/ Either that or I never incorporated them in the first place.

  4. Jeff

    I have a link to Rusty’s old site that has links to all of us still on it, regardless it is buried in my “Dead to Me” section. 😉

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