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Fantasy Footoball Preview

This year, I’m looking forward to fantasy football even more than previous years…

My first venture into FF was just disgusting. The 3-11 record still lowers my self esteem to this day. I drafted as a “Fan” instead of as a intelligent FF owner; and my horrible record reflected that perfectly.

My 2nd year was a big turnaround – I drafted MUCH better, and picked up some really good players on the waiver wire. Kurt Warner and DeAngelo Williams both just kicked butt for me; which made up for my serious flops of Derrick Anderson and Chad “Ocho Cinco” (still bitter about that).

My team scored the most points in the league during the regular season; but even with that I BARELY made the post season in 8th place. I was still happy with that; since I was pretty competitive overall…

We’ll see what happens this year – but I’m making a personal pact to pick COMPLETELY different players from last year. I want a totally different team with no “Fan” based drafting. Bring on Fantasy football 09

Fantasy Football 2008

Last year, my friends and I started an already famous tradition known as “Fantasy Football”.

Kramer got everything started and created our league last year – and I am so glad that he did.  It’s hard for me to understand how I can get so into something like this.  But it’s borderline addiction for me to watch football and constantly check my fantasy team’s stats.  The shame of it is, I am actually more excited about the upcoming fantasy football season than I am about the actual Detroit Lion’s 2008 season.

Last year was a learning experience for me from a fantasy football perspective.  I drafted extremely poorly. With an awful draft, I finished with a record of 3 wins, 11 losses and ended up in dead last place in the WPE league. It was pretty frustrating, but I learned a lot from messing up that draft.

Today, one year later,  was my chance for redemption.

The draft took about an hour, and when it was said and done I was very happy with my team. I didn’t get everyone I wanted, but there were plenty of good players. I had set a stipulation for myself to not draft even one single Detroit lion; since that’s what primarily ruined me last season. (Kitna, Furrey, MacDonald, Jason Hanson).

My strategy this draft was to get one prime running back in round 1, but then concentrate on getting some top shelf receivers and worry about the 2nd running back in a later round. The strategy ended up working pretty well, and in our league I arguably have the best receiving core.

Here’s my whole team as it currently stands:

  • – Derrick Anderson (Quarterback)
    – Terrell Owens (Receiver)
    – Braylon Edwards (Receiver)
    – Chad Johnson (Receiver)
    – Brian Westbrook (Running Back)
    – Reggie Bush (Running Back)
    – Chris Cooley (Tight End)
    – Dallas Cowboys (Defense)
    – Josh Scobee (Kicker)
    – Joey Galloway (Backup WR)
    – Nate Burleson (Backup WR)
    – Ricky Williams (Backup/Maybe starting RB)
    – Ronnie Brown (Backup RB)
    – Rudi Johnson (Last resort RB)
    – Vince Young (Backup QB)

I’ve been looking forward to this ever since my last place finish in 2007, and my team will DEFINITELY be alot more competitive this year.

I took a couple chance picks in the later rounds thinking they  might materialize into something – Mainly Ricky Williams is a big question mark, but I thought he’d be worth a late pick.

I’m looking forward into whooping everyone’s ass!  🙂  Good luck to all opponents in the WPE yahoo fantasy football league.

FantasY! Football

I’ve never played fantasy football before – but as I’ve started to get into it and do some research, i’ve become increasingly addicted. My friends and I have a league, thanks to Kramer. And today was our FantasY! draft.

With this being my first time, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I researched a bit, read some strategies, and formulated a basic plan of action prior to the draft. For example: Most strategies recommend picking strong running backs for at least your first 2 picks. Of course the lotterY! selected me to pick last (10/10) so I was immediately off to a bad start.

With my poor start, I changed my strategy on the spot. Once you get to the 10th best running back, you may as well flip a coin – so I decided to take some chances at running back by picking Edgerrin James, Ahman Green, and Tatum Bell (with a 4th of Cedric Benson). I am a little concerned about the running back position, but I think either EJ or AG could have a breakout year despite disappointing 06 seasons. Otherwise though, I guess I faired pretty well. Most notably, I won the ‘Kitna” dual with vanlandw.

Here is the complete roster of “The Master Chiefs“:

  • QB – Jon Kitna (Detroit)
  • RB – Edgerrin James (Arizona)
  • RB – Ahman Green (Houston)
  • WR – Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona)
  • WR – Mike Furrey (Detroit)
  • WR – Devin Hester (Chicago)
  • TE – Jeremy Shockey (NY Giants)
  • K – Jason Hanson (Detroit)
  • DEF – Detroit Lions
  • QB Bkup – Rex Grossman (Chicago)
  • RB Bkup – Tatum Bell (Detroit)
  • RB Bkup – Cedric Benson (Chicago)
  • WR Bkup – Mushin Muhammad (Chicago)
  • TE Bkup – Dan Campbell (Detroit)
  • DEF Bkup – Minnesota Vikings

All in all – I actually feel pretty good about my ‘team’ even though they don’t look that good on paper. Kitna and Furrey could end up driving offense (Furrey was 14th best receiver in the league in 2006, coming out of nowhere). Hopefully at least one of my running backs can have a breakout year.

As for fantasy football, we’ll have to see. It’s another way to have fun with football – which is definitely my favorite fan sport. So far, so good…

Go Kitna!