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I’ve never played fantasy football before – but as I’ve started to get into it and do some research, i’ve become increasingly addicted. My friends and I have a league, thanks to Kramer. And today was our FantasY! draft.

With this being my first time, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I researched a bit, read some strategies, and formulated a basic plan of action prior to the draft. For example: Most strategies recommend picking strong running backs for at least your first 2 picks. Of course the lotterY! selected me to pick last (10/10) so I was immediately off to a bad start.

With my poor start, I changed my strategy on the spot. Once you get to the 10th best running back, you may as well flip a coin – so I decided to take some chances at running back by picking Edgerrin James, Ahman Green, and Tatum Bell (with a 4th of Cedric Benson). I am a little concerned about the running back position, but I think either EJ or AG could have a breakout year despite disappointing 06 seasons. Otherwise though, I guess I faired pretty well. Most notably, I won the ‘Kitna” dual with vanlandw.

Here is the complete roster of “The Master Chiefs“:

  • QB – Jon Kitna (Detroit)
  • RB – Edgerrin James (Arizona)
  • RB – Ahman Green (Houston)
  • WR – Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona)
  • WR – Mike Furrey (Detroit)
  • WR – Devin Hester (Chicago)
  • TE – Jeremy Shockey (NY Giants)
  • K – Jason Hanson (Detroit)
  • DEF – Detroit Lions
  • QB Bkup – Rex Grossman (Chicago)
  • RB Bkup – Tatum Bell (Detroit)
  • RB Bkup – Cedric Benson (Chicago)
  • WR Bkup – Mushin Muhammad (Chicago)
  • TE Bkup – Dan Campbell (Detroit)
  • DEF Bkup – Minnesota Vikings

All in all – I actually feel pretty good about my ‘team’ even though they don’t look that good on paper. Kitna and Furrey could end up driving offense (Furrey was 14th best receiver in the league in 2006, coming out of nowhere). Hopefully at least one of my running backs can have a breakout year.

As for fantasy football, we’ll have to see. It’s another way to have fun with football – which is definitely my favorite fan sport. So far, so good…

Go Kitna!

8 thoughts on “FantasY! Football

  1. vanbergs

    Those disappointing seasons for your running backs may carry over, vanberge. It doesn’t look like Arizona or Houston picked up any stand-out blocking talent to make some holes for your backs to plow through. Also, you’ll want to keep in mind when Chicago and Detroit play each other…you have a lot of players from both teams. Don’t they meet at least twice in a season?

  2. Vanberge

    as in, the Denny’s Breakfast combo??

    I have three solid running backs (and one Tatum Bell) – i’m sure one of them is going to have a good year.

    Cedric benson put up decent numbers last year even sharing time with Thomas Jones…

    I’m actually most concerned about Wide receiver now that i think about it. I don’t have any “Tier 1” receivers. Larry fitzgerald is close to tier 1 i guess. Hopefully Furrey picks it up.

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