Monthly Archives: December 2005

Year end recap

i took my last week of vacation. i got a new cell phone. christmas happened. i got an ipod video. i really like my car. everyone i know is undecisive. the lead singer of the “Guano Apes” is not a male. I have a new found love for “3rd Strike – No light”. videora kicks ass. “The Boondock Saints” resides on my ipod and on my cell phone. i’m never leaving my job. i dont know your “hoo ha” name. i wish mickeyvb would make a website. ef digital catch phrase. ef tom. i really love 16 pound 95 dollar cuts of prime rib that mickeyvb prepares to perfection. jesus. literally jesus. i have the same cell phone number. fieldy is a slap bassist. ef flo. four brothers is an awesome move. looking forward to beer dogs.

can you hear me now

Bell Curve

Our society and culture as we know it is very very young. The internet? 10 years old give or take.. Television? 50 years old give or take. Cell phones? 10 or 15 give or take? Cars as we know them (expressways, 70 mph speed limits)? 50 years old give or take. The point is, the world as we know it is extremely young. So much is changing in so little time that its actually a challenge to even keep up. How different were things just 100 years ago? completely. 100 years sounds like a long time; but put that in the perspective of how long the world has been around – it is a fraction of an instant. Over time, every great civilization has fallen. The roman empire would be just one example.

Our human intelligence, probably our greatest gift; seems fundamentally flawed. Build bigger sky scrapers. Drive bigger diesel trucks. Make faster internet. Make smaller cell phones. Make everything as fast as possible, as big as possible. Churn the fires of electronic industry and shovel more and more coal into them.

I feel like we are on the very apex of an astounding bell curve. The curve grows taller and taller, our confidence soars. Advances here, advances there; grow, expand, consume, transform. Soaring gas prices. Expensive heating bills. 5 hour commutes in 5 lanes of slow moving traffic. Fax machines. Fast food. Drive through everythings. Get everywhere as fast as you can and stomp on anyone in your way. Honk your horn. Flip the bird. Everyone is more important than everyone else. – It feels more and more like our priorities are not straight by any means.

We’re a roman empire. We need to keep in mind that bell curves have a downward slope as well.


Many things to voice… A summarizing, friendly bulleted list ensues

  • Confirmed hatred of Chicago
  • Driving School (apparently)
  • 365 Days
  • Prison Break
  • Christmas
  • Vanbergs

Confirmed hatred of Chicago:
As I drove back to michigan from Chicago, i encountered the worst traffic ever. like 6 lanes of ‘gridlock’ traffic. it took me almost 2.5 hours to get out of chicago’s city limits. Construction? nope… Accident? Nope. just fucking assholes driving like fucking assholes and having all of them on the same road. “yelling face”

Driving School:
I contest my traffic citation from my previous automotive collision. I plead a good case, talking about the other persons speed being too high, her running red light, etc. The cop was all nervous and stuttering, i figured i had it won. Well, i kind of did. The ticket didnt get ‘voided’ completely – rather reduced to a “zero point nothing on my driving record” fine. So, i was ok with that. No points means no increased insurance. APPARENTLY though, one stipulation of that is to take a “Driving Defensively” course at the police station. Of course the judge didnt say that, i just got a letter in the mail. This class was 4 hours long and cost me 47 dollars. can you say “yelling face”

365 Days:
Tomorrow, i have my annual review at work. Tonight im filling out my forms, rating myself so to speak. Judging yourself is pretty difficult. you dont want to sound cocky, but you dont want to sell yourself short either. My bosses are both pretty cool, so im expecing a 5% raise. Its crazy to think that ive been working there a whole year. Seems like yesterday i was walking out of progressive distribution wanting to urinate on the ashes of the world destoyed… 1 year has totally changed my entire perspective on the entire world.

Prison Break:
In what was one of the best shows ever, i became completely captivated. Well, basically it just stopped and cliffhangered mid season, not to show again for like 6 months. Sheer infuriosity. It really almost makes me want to stop watching the whole show even thought he first ‘half’ of the season was awesome.

Christmas is about 2 weeks away… I havent even bought 1 gift. However, im looking very forward to christmas because im taking my last week of vacation off the week before… Vacations are the best things ever, and it seems that they’re even better if you take them without anything planned at all. I’ll do some christmas shopping, play come counter strike, play some xbox, play some of everything, and just overall be a van. Merry christmas. 😛

Vanbergs graduated from college.