Teh linux

For some time now, i’ve been wanting to give linux a real try.  Not installing it on a second hard disk.. not installing it on a spare computer.  But running it on my main machine, my main hard drives….

So, i took one of my main 120 gig drives, put ubuntu on it… and then copied all my Windows XP data (docs, mp3, videos, etc.) over to linux.

I’m giving Ubuntu linux a serious migration try.  And i may just drop windows forever.

3 thoughts on “Teh linux

  1. vanlandw

    Interesting vanberge. As much as I don’t really like linux I’m glad you are doing this. Switching to OSX was a nice change of pace for me but I still haven’t fully made a switch to anything. My “server” still has 2003 and my laptop still has XP and my work machine is XP. After you and fulljeff using and liking that ubuntu stuff I may throw that on my laptop just to give it a shot.

    Do you think I’l run into any issues having a Nvidia card in my laptop. I remember a few years ago running linux and having such problems with video drivers. That GLX looks interesting as well….

  2. vanberge

    my nvidia card is one of the things that worked fine.

    i had all kinds of trouble with video playback… i just got frustrated. 🙁

  3. Jeff

    I did not have problems with my nvidia, however if you install “EasyUbuntu” it will install all the video codecs, etc, along with the latest nvidia drivers. It is amazing how smoothly things worked after that.

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