So i’ve kind of stopped my ‘diet’.   At my ‘huskiest’ i weighed 245 on the dot.  (this was thanksgiving of 05).

As of now, i weigh 223.   I seem to be stuck there – so thats probalby all i can lose without starting to work out.

Bulleted list of updates:

  • I got a passport
  • My job is absolutely awesome
  • I am currently installing linux on my ipod
  • tomorrow at work im going to download windows vista beta 2.
  • ‘yeah’

Me and vanbergs are awesome.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. vanlandw

    your life is way to perfect…i’m jealous

    other then downloading windows vista…i used beta one and from what i’ve read it won’t be worth the money they are charging…again IMHO of course..

    it will be worth free if your computer has the balls for it

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