Best Buy $9.99 HDTV Saga Continues – The Paul Smith WJR Interview

This morning, the Best Buy $10 Television saga has continued for me.  Apparently the Paul W. Smith morning news show from “AM Superstation” 760 WJR News/Talk radio wanted to speak with me.  This station is based out of Detroit Michigan.  I was glad to have the chance to talk about my experience – and personally I just CAN’T BELIEVE how this has blown up. First an interview with CNN report Abbi Tatton; and now a local Michigan news radio tycoon. It feels like I’ve become the spokesman for the public in the “public vs. Best Buy” HDTV craziness.

Anyway… I asked the producer if I could record the interview using my Google Voice account, and she replied “Certainly!” – Listen in below if you want.  Skip to about 1:30 in for the interview to start.

4 thoughts on “Best Buy $9.99 HDTV Saga Continues – The Paul Smith WJR Interview

  1. vanlandw

    You are going to obtain a new tv for a “tweet” i can just feel it.

    Also you listened to Guano Apes twice in a row per your



  2. burgetta

    that is effing awesome vanberge. you should use your newfound celebrity status to right social wrongs.

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