Alot Going on…

To sum it up – there is alot happening.

Mickey and Kathy came up, very nice to see them. We toured castle vanberge, mickeyvb’s seal of approval is a greater honor than being knighted. They played guitar hero. I should have taken pictures.

Mickey also brought me a new computer. You see, when mickeyvb gets upgraded parts, he passes his former items on to whichever McManus brother has the slowest computer. And, since vanbergs (vanbergs) got one for christmas, it was my time to shine. So, i went from an athlon 1500xp to an athlon 2800XP – and from 512 pc 2100 to 1 gig of pc2700 ram. AND – CS source does not blue screen on this hardware. People can say “ef windows” all they want, but installing completely new hardware into my existing configuration yielded a fantastically easy migration. “Vanberge, you should format your drive if you get new hardware!!!” – ef that. I just formatted like 2 months ago, and i could give a crap less about 50 megs of extra drivers. XP literally started right up, and detected everything perfectly. I had to re-install my vid card drivers and Direct X, but that really was it. Thanks Mickeyvb!! This computer should keep me happy for some time now, and it is my first upgrade since seriously my junior year of college. CS source is the effing man. wow. Counter strike is the best game of all time. I have probably spent more hours of my life playing counter strike than doing any other activity at all… showering, eating, studying?, i guarantee CS has them all destroyed.

I also have spent far too much time hacking up my ipod. I’ve restored the thing like 6 times… which, over USB 1 – is pretty slow. 20 gigs over usb 1 takes an incalculatable amount of time. But, that should be remedied with the aforementioned “new terminal” and USB 2. blah blah blah – my ipod has menu icons and a cool “GUI”.

Really though, this weekend is ultimately slamming reality into my mind. The surreal aspect of this entire castle process is void. We’re moving in like 1 week. P4P is going to experience sheer downtime as my cable is disconnected on 3/1/2006 to be transferred to my new residence. I spent 250 dollars on paint and painting supplies. I’m taking a week off work. Im re-caulking the bathtub. I’m playing basketball. I’m painting possibly the entire house. This is really happening and there is literally no turning back. No more neighbors. No more fighting for parking spots. No more apartment. And I cannot wait.

I love vanbergs. I love vanlandw. I love Flo. I love my kitty cat. I love “Cranberry Whip” (its a paint color). I love uccello’s pizza. I love holland. I love russellteee. I love ninja vanberge.

4 thoughts on “Alot Going on…

  1. Megango

    I hope for your sake there is no wallpaper to strip. If not, painting isn’t that bad. I helped my brother paint every damn room in his house. Okay, yeah it kind of sucked. Good luck! 😛

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