Ever since Google Browser Sync was ceased; I’ve been looking for a better way to have a unified browser experience.

I have 4 different computers at home, and three different computers at work. Sometimes I use Internet Explorer, sometimes Firefox, sometimes Firefox in Linux.

With all these computers and all these browsers, keeping my bookmarks synced has always been a pain. I tried Microsoft’s sync toy, I tried Google bookmarks, I tried not using bookmarks at all…

When “Foxmarks” debuted a new version for Internet explorer, my browsing world came together. They’ve since changed the name to Xmarks, but really it’s the tool of the year in my opinion. I created two accounts; one for home and one for work – so my bookmarks are seamlessly synchronized between platforms and browsers without me even thinking about it. It’s even intelligent enough to map Firefox’s bookmarks toolbar to Internet Explorer’s Links toolbar, which is good considering that’s where most of my bookmarks are.

I’ve been hoping for a tool like this for a long time… and Xmarks does not disappoint.

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