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Today I had a brief glimmer of a true miracle… I heard through the grapevine that the Sonic drive-in restaurant was open for business.

My wife had reported that her coworker’s husband had eaten at Sonic and even went into details that he had eaten a chili dog with onion rings. My heart was skipping beats with excitement and my human spirit was shining with anticipation.

I was trying anything I could think of to confirm or deny this. Vanlandw and myself searched for a number, and email address, facebook groups, anything that might be able to shed some light on our situation. I even emailed ‘’ to see if they knew.

Finally, Vanlandw learned the bad news by contacting Steak n’ shake nearby. The truly angelic Steak n’ shake employee actually walked over to the nearby Sonic and somehow managed to learn that they were not opening until the 27th. Blast.

Right about then is when decided to email me back; confirming the bad news. Below you will see their response. Thank you “Andrew” for the bad news.   🙁   Anyone want to drive to kalamazoo/portage tonight?

This is from a viewer email we just received….

Hey, I thought you would like to know that opening day for the new Sonic Drive-In Resturant in Wyoming is going to be April 27th at 6:00 AM. Everyone is hyped about this, in fact I have made a group on Facebook about the new upcoming opening and there are already 1,285 members! WE are also getting a group of already 120 people together to go there for the opening at 6:00 AM….
Here are links to the group I made and the event on the 27th:
Andrew Gillfillan
WOOD TV Assistant News Director

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