I really miss warnings in AIM.
I’m not exactly sure when or why they stopped working, but clearly AOL needs to bring them back.
I still have some pretty LOL screenshots of all my friends being warned up to 100% and barely being able to chat…
Those were the good ol’ days.
I would warn vanbergs and vanlandw immediately.

6 thoughts on “Warnings

  1. vanlandw

    vanberge – i cannot tell you how much i miss AIM warnings….

    It sucks they removed them I can see why they did but really it was just a badge of honor being waxed to 100% and unable to speak. After that signing on with a secondary ID just to get slaughtered again.

    Warnings were one of my favorite things about college barnone

  2. chouse

    possibly the WORST feature ever to make it in to a chat client. I am still bitter and angry. I might need therapy to get past this. Someone should do an expose on the history of AIM warnings. brb google

  3. vanbergs

    When people are bad chatters, it truly was only a proper punishment to submit a warning of up to 35%. I still remember when I had discovered a way to get people at 100% and everyone got effing pissed off.

  4. Vanberge

    You mean when you just signed in with multiple screen names at one time?

    According to AOLs documentation they still have warnings. 🙁 I don’t think that is true.

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