Apparently, somehow… my forums mysql database got corrupted. Going to www.palmerforpresident.com/forum would just hang there… and my server would eventually kill the apache process. I’m 99 percent sure this points to database corruption.

I tried to restore the database from backup… but that doesnt work correctly. basically…. things are effed. I might try some more, i might not. For now, i have phpbb installed at http://www.palmerforpresident.com/forum

Many people have tried running a message board software- it seems that they just kind of die off. Maybe its not worth even tryin to get back.

rm -rf /home/vanberge/yabbsebackup ??

p.s. Im using google analytics to track this site’s stats now. I just added the javascript so we’ll see how google does on website usage statistics


Updated – after some sql editing, some database delete / renames, and some php tweaking, i got the effing forum database to restore. But, since this is as of august 8th, i lose 3 months of data.

4 thoughts on “ef

  1. vanberge

    I dont think im going to rm jja….



    although now i must say i know mysql much better than i ever wanted. and clearly i wasted 7 hours of my life making this work. horrendous persona.

    happy thanksgiving

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