HP is Dumb

Over the last couple weeks, I have been hearing my laptop let out an audible beep at random times after it has been booted… It doesn’t come from the built in speakers, and there are no errors to accompany the beep. (Visually or in windows event log). I decided to try and chat with HP online to see if they could help me. If you are reading this, then you most certainly know the answrer already: They could not. I chatted online with “Natasha” who informed me that I had a virus and/or spyware. And clearly I should back up my data and use my restore
disks to reset my computer to factory defaults… Apparently I will just wait for my RAM or hard disk to completely fail, as I am pretty sure that is what these beeps are warning of. I wonder if Natasha weas real…

4 thoughts on “HP is Dumb

  1. vanlandw

    Natasha is a very very very not smart woman. She is the “Mara” of HP.com

    I hope you figure this out when you get everything figured out please post a follow up post.


  2. Vanberge Post author

    Because “Im a PC” jja… 😛

    Their laptops are decent hardware at very low prices.
    Yes, one of the hardware components is beeping once in awhile.

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