And the award for best kiss goes to…..

Well this halloween weekend was pretty much the man. Saturday night, chris j and I went out on the town dressed as Al and Peg Bundy, accompanied by Andrea as “flava flav” and Flo wearing a sign that said “Gods gift to women”. I think everyone was hung over for the rest of the weekend.

A couple notes to self:
1. If god really made flo as his gift to women, then (A) there is not a god. (B) god is still laughing at the joke he played. or (C) the world is close to ending.
2. I’m never dancing again. And for those of you who didnt see it, it
never happened >:o
3. Martinis apparently contain alcohol
4. I dont have to be directly involved to enjoy making out.

Following that…  Vanbergs came over and we played GTA San Andreas on Sunday. There is a blind guy in that game. Then vanlandw joined the party and the three of us went to view the movie “Saw”. Danny Glover is in it. It was ‘so so’. Definitely lives up to the title. Now it’s Monday, timechange and all, so I’m back to looking for jobs. brb

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