Portrait of a Father

Wednesday of this week proved to be a perfect day. I didnt have to work (surprisingly!), I got to play Halo 2 which really is the best game of all time, and finally I was specially invited by my father to meet him up in hart for dinner. This was because my mom was going to be working late in baldwin. It might seem like a wierd thought to drive an hour plus change to go to dinner, but I’d jump at every opportunity to go see my parents. My father really is the greatest man I will ever know.

A little bit about my father: His name is Michael, but everyone always calls him “Mickey”. He is just over 50. He has worked at the same company for 28 years. He started as a janitor, and has been moved up the ladder many times. Machinist, electrician, electrical engineering, regular engineering, and he has been a ‘reliability engineer’ for 9 years. His hair is receding (thanks for those genes!), he is starting to ‘grey’, and I have never seen him without a mustache. Even in pictures.

As a father, 2 sons could not have asked for more. He helped me and vanbergs build the coolest sandcastles when we were super young. He used to build flying model airplanes with his bare hands, and he let me fly one when I was 7 knowing full well that I had about a 90% chance of crashing it. He ran and chased baseballs down the street multiple times while I was trying to learn how to throw a curve ball. He coached like every team I was on through elementary school. I specifically remember that he volunteered to be soccer coach and baseball coach for multiple years. He always fixed my first car when it broke. He single handedly remodeled our entire house over a 10-15 year period. (House was worth 20k, now worth 90k. In hart thats alot) And finally… He worked his ass off so that his two sons could have the option to go to college. My father never had the choice.

If there ever was a role model, that is my father in a nutshell. He wanted me and my brother to be able to do the things that he never could. I admire the man completely, and respect him more than any other man. My mom is great too… Honestly there could not be a better set of parents for two un-appreciative boys to grow up with. Well, I appreciate it now… my most heart felt thanks to both of you.

Ha ha… Im actually really starting to get choked up. And yes, I crashed the model airplane.

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