Insomnia Upgraded

After a brief ‘meet n greet’ (beer and food) with EMC and VMware folks at Malarkey’s; I went to bed uncharacteristically early and am now enduring a mild case of insomnia.  I’ve been awake since 3 a.m. and have been mindlessly surfing channels, chatting with vanbergs about when we’ll be seeing “The Dark Knight”, laughing at the top 10 worst exam answers, and generally surfing the internet.

I found that WordPress and Gallery each had new versions out; so I decided to take the plunge.  I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 and Gallery 2.2.5.

I used only’s command line, and the process as a whole took 10 minutes and resulted in no issues whatsoever.

7 thoughts on “Insomnia Upgraded

  1. vanlandw


    I am sorry I won’t be able to view Batman with you guys oh well. I am also glad your updates were successful. Sadly I can’t bother you about the auto show pictures anymore so really your homepage is pretty much where it should be.


  2. Vanberge

    Mr. Chouse – i looked into that once but never really took it to completion.

    For these last few upgrades I’ve stuck with wget to download the latest; ultimately relying on gunzip | tar -xvf

    I am a command line nerd. 🙁

  3. Vanberge Post author

    You’re right… it is awesome.

    I completely deleted wordpress, checked out the subverson latest, re-copied my plugins/themes and I was done in 8 minutes.

    future upgrades should be pretty damn easy.

    Thanks chouse.

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