What is Happening…

…to Television and Movies?…

Seriously think about it – Try this yourself right now, off the top of your head.  Try to name 5 good television shows that are on current network television.  And then, try to name 5 good movies that have come out in 2007.  Without doing hours of research, here is what i can come up with (even with some help from Vanbergs):


  • 300
  • Transformers
  • Knocked Up

TV Shows:

  • The Shield
  • The Black Donnellys (Which, is cancelled)
  • The Office
  • Rescue Me (which is skating on very thin ice)

Now try the same exercise, exept with ‘bad’ movies or TV.  These lists of ‘bad’ items aren’t worth an unordered list, or even comma separation for that matter.  Movies:  Spider man 3 Die hard 4 I know who killed me Stomp the yard The simpsons Breach Oceans 13 Ghostrider Rush hour 3.  TV Shows:  24 house nip tuck so you think you can dance american idol anything on mtv prison break The bachelor Singing with the stars Really any reality tv show now that i think about it.

If my point is not already understood, it is that most current TV and Cinema are waste of time, film, money, and the electromagnetic spectrum in general.  Of course, these are MY opinions.  I’m sure plenty of people like watching “The Hills” or “My Sweet 16” on MTV – but, those shows ARE God-hideous in an un-debatable sense.  Additionally, I haven’t even seen all of the shows/movies I listed.  The reason is, mostly, you can tell what shit is without having to lean over and smell it.  I don’t need to see Die Hard 4 to know that it all but ruins the first three.

So now the question is “why?” – Why has it come to this torrid level of production?  The answer, i am confident, is Generation Y. I can’t blame the movie/TV companies because they are just giving the masses what they want. The masses, the “little brothers and sisters” of Generation X; have been spoiled and fed life with a silver spoon.  As best I can tell, this is probably due to the fact that the parents of Gen. Y have grown up much rougher.  I can understand that, the parents come up tough and fighting, so they want their kids to have it better than they did. I understand that completely, and I’m not criticizing it.  I’d want the same for my kids.  But, the spoiled nature of Gen. Y is breeding the forward thinking out of the equation.  Hence, people do not want to watch forwardly intelligent programming.  Instead, they want to see stupid attractive people doing stupid attractive things and then send their friends text messages about it.

It’s really too bad – I almost hardly watch television anymore.  And, in looking at my netflix queue almost half of it is filled with ‘older’ movies.  But, maybe I’m just officially ‘old’.  I’m sure my parents probably felt this same way when i started listening to Motley Crue and playing Nintendo.  Maybe they just need to make an “oldies” television and cinema network.

12 thoughts on “What is Happening…

  1. Vo

    You forgot Hot Fuzz and 1408 in the good movie category. However, I completely and totally agree with you that there is a serious lack of high-quality entertainment. It’s what I call the “BET Syndrome.” Companies are getting to the point where they are going to get their target demographic no matter what, so they stop trying and stop caring. Don’t believe me. I challenge anyone to sit and watch 3 straight hours of BET. Make sure one of those hours is not music videos. I can almost guarantee that by the end of the first 15 minutes you will eagerly join the KKK. I know I did. Sadly, I don’t watch any unanimated TV anymore, because I pretty much hate everything on every channel. And Cartoon Network is about to lose it’s golden spot in my heart with a lot of its new programming. It’s a sad fucking day when I hate cartoons.

  2. vanlandw

    In TV shows I’m shocked you didn’t list Lost, Family Guy I know you like those shows. If you get the chance the killpoint is pretty good, it’s kinda like Inside Man.

    To be honest I’m in the same boat you are. I don’t consider 24 “bad” like some people do but really I don’t watch that many shows either I hardly sit in front of the TV like I used to do but I find that totally fine to do. I will prob watch 24 when it airs but I won’t make a point to watch anything else when it airs anymore I’ll just download the show. There are a lot of shows I have dropped though (Nip Tuck, I may quit prison break)

    Movies sadly are not targeted towards our age is how I feel, also the studios spend so much money to make a movie they dumb them down and remove the stuff that we like to get a pg-13 raiting. Die Hard is a prime example of that it was clearly made ot use an existing franchise to make money. The shame is those are the movies making money, pirates, die hard, bourne. All PG13 all top earners. 300 even is technically an existing franchise but at least it was violent. Rambo is going to blow everything out of the water though, the game changes the day that rambo comes out.

    I recommend that everybody start reading more. This year I’ve read 14 books and that is more then I’ve ever read. Watch what you like, go see what you like, and rent the movies that you like. I agree I find myself gravitating to older movies (action movie sunday) then flocking to the theaters and when i go to the theaters i just end up seeing shakey cam and being pist.


  3. Vanberge

    Vanlandw – I forgot to list “Lost” – good call… I also forgot to add the Sopranos. But, maybe that doesn’t count because it’s run it’s course…

    As for family guy, i haven’t watched it in months. Fox airs 1 or 2 new episodes of it, then takes a 4 week break. I’ve lost interest in that show to the point that i don’t even know what season of family guy they are on now. 5? 6? So, i no longer list it as good, but – it is not bad either.

    Devin brown, there is no way i could watch 3 straight hours of BET. There’s no way i could even make an effort to try that. BET is just like MTV i’m sure.

  4. Kramer

    Family Guy is shit, there’s no way that could be considered good TV.

    The only shows on TV I make sure I watch are:
    -24 (although I may not next year)
    -The Shield (only has one more season)
    -The Office

    I thought The Simpsons movie was good though. It wasn’t great, but compared to how bad the TV show has been lately, I thought it was really good. I haven’t been to the movies much this year, so I’ve pretty much missed everything good 🙁

  5. Steven Paul VanBergen

    It’s just that production companies aren’t taking chances any more. If you look at everything that comes out, it’s a REHASH of something that was brave enough to have taken a chance. Case in point: Japanese style horror movies after “The Ring”. Think of all the clones that followed that shit. Same with the Saw franchise. All the “torture horror” movies that are seeing the light of day. It’s because one film will take a chance, make a shit ton of money, and then the copycats come in and ride the coat tails until the idea is milked dry.

    1408 was fucking awesome, Sunshine was fucking awesome, and 300 was fucking awesome. Those movies were pretty innovative in my opinion. 1408 took place almost entirely in a single hotel room. It was badass. Sunshine was just totally unlike anything I’ve ever seen. 300 speaks for its goddamn self.

    I’m not even getting started with television. The Wire, The Shield…those are the two best shows on tv. That’s it.

  6. Vo

    Vanlandw – 300 is not a franchise and I hope you are raped by swarthy Greek men for suggesting it.

    Vanberge – BET has gotten worse over the years. BET in the early 90’s was what MTV has become now. Imagine another 15 years of devolving at the hands of Black people.

    Vanberge & Vanlandw – After the last season of Lost, I don’t think it could be considered good. Sure, it started strong and ended very strong, but the whole middle was just kinda blah. But still better than just about everything else.

    Vanbergs – Even the good movies are rehashes of better movies lately. 1408? Meet Cube. Sunshine? A much better version of The Core. 300? I’m sad to say was a minimal rip-off of the old Spartacus/Ben-Hur style, although much better done.

    The only things on TV I watch anymore are Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Adult Swim, and the occasional CSI: Clone. Although, I saw a commercial for Kill Point and I must say, it looked fairly badass.

  7. vanbergs

    The Kill Point is a pretty cool miniseries. I think it ends in two weeks (yes vanberge, I’m picturing the fat woman from Total Recall as well).

  8. Vanberge Post author

    Adam, I haven’t seen the simpson’s movie.

    I just don’t like the simpsons period. (at least, not in the last 5 years or so)

  9. bun

    you guys missed the best point from vanlandw: read. also, get netflix. you can’t complain about content not suited toward your age group if you only go to blockbuster and look on the new releases shelf.

  10. vanbergs

    Why read when the only books worth the shit I last took will be made into movies later on down the road? Keep up the good, critical posts vanberge!

  11. Vo


    Despite the fact that I read more than any black man has a right or capability to, I still enjoy the brief moments when I can turn off my brain and watch a movie of superb quality. This doesn’t get to happen nearly as often as I would like it too.

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