Look and Feel

I have obviously updated the look and feel of p4p. I found this theme a few weeks ago and really liked it, but did not want to venture into all the ‘tweaking’ to take all my content and put it into this theme.

The theme I had been using was heavily customized in many different ways – so finally i got the motivation to start that process with this one.

As it stands, most of my content should show up and be fine. I still have a couple big things to take on… Gallery integration, and then using the Google powered search.

Alas – One step at a time.

5 thoughts on “Look and Feel

  1. Vanberge

    Vanbergs – Thank you. I enjoy this theme.

    Vanlandw – You are vanlandw and you have done a good job as well.

    Fleaux – I like them when the banner graphic and background image don’t change with every click. 😛

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