March Lunacy

Or “Madness” – This event has seemed to grip me fairly strongly over the last couple of years. The vast majority of the year goes by, and i dont watch basketball, play basketball, or even think about basketball.

Then the NCAA mens basketball tournament kicks off and it totally changes my life for a couple of months. It puts me in a ‘basketball phase’. I watch basketball (college and pro), i play basketball video games. I shoot hoops in my driveway. Its a very wierd scenario.

At any rate, this year i have a couple different options to capitalize on the mens basketball tourney.

1. If Kansas wins, i win an Xbox 360. I recently went to a Microsoft Sharepoint /Exchange / Vista / Office 2007 conference at the amway, and they had a sports bar drawing inside GP sports. Each attendee drew a team, and if their team wins, they win. I drew Kansas and the prize of Xbox 360. So, everyone please cheer for the mother effing jayhawks.

2. If Florida wins, i will probably win money through an ‘illegal gambling’ pool at “work”. Although i’d rather have the x box, cash is never bad. Cheer for the jayhawks first, but the Gators second.

Also btw i just upgraded my gallery to 2.2. I love gallery.

8 thoughts on “March Lunacy

  1. Jeff

    I had Kansas winning it all in my “bracket.” I was doing pretty well up until last weekend. I incorrectly guessed all the final four teams. Ironically one of my brothers got them all right.

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