Training and sun

This past week i had been taking an official Active Directory class… Although training is still sort of like work, it was good to change the pace a bit. I got a great instructor, and the fact that there were alot of hands on labs made it a very worth while experience. I learned more in a week then marty levin taught me in an entire semester. Basically, i sort of feel like i could call myself an expert on Active Directory now. I’ve had a decent amount of experience with it, and this training introduced me to the finer points of OU’s, group policy, etc. I must say 2003 has a much nicer group policy management console than did 2000.

On Friday, i spent my training lunchbreak driving around near the GR airport. This was satisfying for a couple reasons. For one, i made it a point to drive by my old workplace “Progressive Distribution Services, Inc”. I felt a distinct urge to urinate on the building, but i merely smirked at the fact that I don’t work there any more. Secondly, i happened to come across something i never new existed. i just happened to drive right up to the GR Ford Airport viewing area. This is basically a long parking lot where you are situated 50-75 yards from the runways. I didn’t think too much of it until a massive passenger jet took off right in front of me. It was so close and so loud that i could hardly believe it… I really felt like a little kid. I was seriously infatuated watching these planes take off and land. So much so that i failed to even eat lunch, and was ten minutes late in getting back to my class. But, when it all ended I received this certificate.

Friday night i headed to hart mich to help my dad get his 1973 plymouth ‘cuda polished up… He had registered to have it in a local car show, so wanted to get it in ‘ship shape’. It ended up looking pretty damn nice, and i was extremely jealous of that automobile. The Mickster did take me for a ride in it, at which point he displayed to me how easily the beast could liquify its tires. I then took 3 hours or so to hand wash, wax, and completely clean my car as well. It might seem like severe overkill, but my car is 1 year old and it still looks brand spanking new.

The car show was amazing, especially for the city of hart. I have never seen that many people inside that hideous town. Alot of awesome cars… new, old, custom built, etc. Just packed the entire downtown strip of the city. I really like cars :-/

I took alot of pictures at the show, of my fathers car, and of my own car (since it will never look better than it did that day) Feel free to check them out.

My dad didn’t win anything, but it was fun to hang out at the show with him for the whole day. He was definitely in his element, and proud of his automobile. As well he should be, he put alot of blood sweat and tears into that beast to make it run. He essentially rebuilt the entire engine… And he had alot of people come by to talk to him about his ride…. The remainder of the afternoon and the next day were spent backflipping and sunbathing at my parent’s pool. I drank some labatt’s, ate some bratwursts, took some naps… Weekends really cant get much better.


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