Russ is Going

Russ is going…. #11.
1. Vanberge
2. Vanlandw
3. Flo
4. Tom
5. Vanbergs
6. Enfuego
7. Aaron Meyer
8. jjafuller
9. skinny
10. Payner
11. Russellteee
12. Devin Brown ?
13. Darrin Bamm ?

12 thoughts on “Russ is Going

  1. vanlandw

    lmao….IMHO if she wants to come i have to say i think it’s ok…the casino will be “women” free and i think so will friday night to be honest.

    this weekend is going to be utterly insanity

  2. vanberge

    I really kind of agree with kramer…

    Really its a ‘guy only’ event. Nothing against any would be attending females.

    How many people are going to the casino?

  3. vanlandw

    The casino count
    1. vanlandw
    2. vanberge
    3. vanbergs
    4. vansoest
    5. flo
    6. payner
    7. tom

    That is at the least. I’m honestly not sure who is going to it’s a “day of” decision.

  4. Jeff

    Pixie’s is a 50’s style resturant in Mt. Pleasant they have coney dogs and mini-burgers for which you get on the wall of fame if you eat enough of either.

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