Xbox 360 and Fuel

There are Two parts to this post

Part 1: The Microsoft Xbox 360.
I have adored the Xbox 360 for some time now. Although i’ve never fully embraced my dark fueled love for this system – it’s always been there. I didn’t want to admit it because of the lofty price tag and initial investment, but jesus the Xbox 360 is pure Vanhood in a plastic shell. I eased into this console with slow and careful enthusiasm over nearly a year. I played a ‘few’ games for it. I read a ‘little’ about it. I played my brother’s 360 ‘sparingly’. I played Enguego’s 360 ‘once’. I tried to ‘forget’ about them both. I hate ‘Sony’. I like using “Quotations”.

That slow and careful path has officially blown wide open further than the cast of “Fox’s hit show 24”. I am now fully embracing the 360 as my hetero life mate; and I’m doing so with reckless abandon. Moving onto the 360 – Mainstay titles like “Gears of War” and “Forza 2” lead the cast of Microsoft’s hit show 360, and also get strong support from titles like “Call of duty”, “Saints Row”, and “Not Metroid Prime” who round out the ensemble. Then we have Up-and-comers “Bio Shock”(out today) and “Halo 3″(out in September) that are sure to push the bar even further up to levels that cannot be met by competitor consoles. This is the tip of the 360’s iceberg, and I am licking it like a Flintstone Push-up.

August has proven to truly be my sign of the cosmos, three fold. “Leo” has aligned the planets and given me a three paycheck month, a birthday with gift money and gift cards, and a $50 price drop on the Xbox 360. Never has a life path been so clear: August was the time for buying a 360. Thanks to Vanbergs, Vanlandw, Best buy, and me taking Friday off work (Yes, i took a day off to buy an Xbox 360) – I am a proud 360 owner with Gears of war, Forza 2, and Saints Row. Neither Gears of War or Forza 2 need an introduction, but Saint’s Row was a surprise hit in my book. In previews and commercials Saint’s Row looked like nothing but a Grand Theft Auto ripoff. It is indeed a ripoff of GTA, but it accomplishes a new level of playability due to rag doll physics and improved Gun/Rocket/Explosion warfare. I can’t even explain it – it just has to be experienced. I almost hate to say this, but I like Saints Row more than Grand Theft Auto. Virtual Vanberge agrees with Physical Vanberge. I can’t even really say any more about this subject, except that I have tapped an untold happiness that can only be compared to care free childhood bliss. Part 1, out.

Part 2: Mountain Dew Game Fuel.
I heard “buzz” about this limited edition soft drink. The Cherry Citrus Mountain dew. Then my lovable freakishly tall brother allowed me to sample from his 20 oz. I love Game Fuel. And it’s only fitting that a weekend of complete Xbox was ‘fueled’ by game AND game fuel. Vanbergs and I bought a 12 back of GAME FUEL and also each got a 20 oz (the 12 pack wasn’t cold). On Friday, August 17th, I drank a 20 oz. AND 4 cans of Game fuel before the sun had even thought about setting. You might say “dude, that is 5 sodas… so what”. Well, turns out that Mountain Dew Game Fuel has 72.6 milliliters of caffeine PER CAN. That is more caffeine then Jolt Cola (71.2). More caffeine then Vault (71.5). WAY more caffeine than any regular soft Drink. Regular Mountain Dew is the only one in the ball park. (55.0). Sodas like Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper are not even worth mentioning. Red Bull technically has more caffeine per ounce (80.0) – but Red Bull’s only have 8.3 oz. compared to 12 in a normal can – So a Game Fuel technically has more caffeine than a Red Bull.

Needless to say, I did not sleep very much on Friday evening.

Now the smoke has cleared. The weekend is over and the Game Fuel is gone – but I am a huge fan of the soft drink known as Mountain Dew Game Fuel. If you want do deprive yourself of sleep in order to fuel some game, that stuff will definitely do the trick.

4 thoughts on “Xbox 360 and Fuel

  1. vanbergs

    This is the strongest post you have scribed in a at least the amount of time it took Lincoln to free the slaves…and subesequently the amount of time it took Wilkes-Booth to shoot him in the back of the face.

    I have been playing BioShock for about 5 or 6 hours, but am moving very slowly though it so as to experience as much as possible. I can say, without any hesitation, that it has the potential to be right up there with the Metal Gears and the Halos as one of the best games of all time. A lot depends on the endings (there are several, at least two that I’m aware of).

    Game Fuel transcends the classification of “Beverage”. It is like Jesus turned water into Game, and then altered the human form to be an engine that runs only on that specific liquid.

  2. Vo

    Game Fuel is truly an amazing beverage. I have begun drinking a 2 liter a night at work to stay awake when I’m not viewing pr0n.

    Vanberge – 3 recommendations. Crackdown. Burnout: Revenge. Prey.

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