Some “Down” Time

I haven’t worked since May 25th, and I don’t work again until June 6th. This has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. A real vacation. A few days off to start, a road/boat trip, and a couple more days off before venturing back to my professional life. Vacations are necessary to keep the working man/woman sane. To refresh the mind, body, and soul – and really just to get a break from the routine. This “vacation” is different though, it seems.

In past years I’ve had no problem laying on the couch for an entire day and doing absolutely nothing but movies/computers/video games. This time however, I can’t relax. Something is definitely wrong. For starters, I have woken up earlier over the past few days than I would on a normal work week (without setting the alarm, I may add). I have no explanation why it is so difficult for me to get up at 7 a.m. normally, but then wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6 a.m. when I’m supposed to be on vacation. It literally makes no sense.

That’s just the start though. Over the last couple days I’ve been extremely motivated to “do things”. I’ve done more work than I can probably even remember (u.l.):

  • Fixed the Garage door opener and bought another universal remote control.
  • Mowed ‘teh lawnz’
  • Swept the Garage
  • Washed my car (including the wheels… ung)
  • Vacuumed
  • Spent approx. 1 hour programming the remote mentioned in bullet #1 to finally open my effing garage
  • Locked myself out of my home. No, that is not a joke.
  • Windexed our glass coffee/end tables
  • Watched “Terminator 2”
  • Started growing a ‘beard’
  • Watched “Constantine”
  • etc.

I’m just a couple days in now – so I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m definitely making it a point to not work the whole vacation away. Overall though I am definitely enjoying the time thus far.

p.s. Terminator 2 is actually quite a profound movie upon re-watch. I hadn’t seen that movie in years – And was surprised at how much of a real concept it conveys. It’s not just an action movie, that is for sure. Miles Bennett Dyson

9 thoughts on “Some “Down” Time

  1. bun

    hello vanberge. i am glad you are growing a bushy face to match the horrid bushy tail that johnson has to wake up to every morning. i am bun.

  2. bun

    i cant grow a beard for the life of me. when i do try, it looks as though i’ve covered my face in glue and pressed it down on a barbar shop floor. i am bun.

  3. Vo

    The Specialist? I’m ashamed to have see that in theaters. I have a beard. It is thick and bushy. But it is currently in hiding.

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