so far – so good

Apparently not having a job can do some funny things to a human being. Let’s take for example: this internet destination. On monday I ‘casually’ started making some desing changes. 4 days later here I sit with a completely re-designed and re-worked web page. I’ve spent about 15-20 hours setting things up (email, net client, stats, blosxom, etc..) and I think for My the most part I am happy with the look and functionality of this page.

I’d like to give special thanks to jjafuller for general css / design counsel, to vanlandw for the assistance, to g.slinger && rusty for pointing me to xname, and to anybody else assisting me in this overhaul. additional thanks to rusty for my second gmail account (?)

Halloween is upon us. Chris J. and myself are going to be Al and Peg bundy respectively. Although nobody seems to know really what anybody else is doing for halloween. It is Friday today so that means I am about to embark on my 7th week of unemployment. Special thanks to Kathy + Mickeyvb for the financial assistance. Hopefully I can put the both of them in the best retirement home when the day comes ? Because I honestly dont know where I would be without such great parents.

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