Slow Down.

I mainly wanted to write this post to try out notepad 2… I do like it… but i think i like Vi better.

Anyway… this day has been purely epic. I played some counter strike, listened to some new disturbed, ventured out with vanlandw to partake in what can only be described as pure vanhood. We traveled to “Silver Bullet Firearms”, rented handguns, and fired 100 rounds of ammunition each. I cant explain how rewarding that is on so many different levels. For my weapon, I chose a glock 22. lightweight, .40 caliber. I didnt want to go too big since this was the first time i have ever shot a handgun, and i didnt want to get a 9mm just because I am a van. Overall, the .40 was a good choice, but i did like shooting vanlandw’s Sig .45 cal. 🙂 photo weaponry

Following 200 total discharges of ammunition, we ate at Mcdonalds… Following Mcdonalds i listened to some new disturbed again.

All in all… a day of pure perfection.


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