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About a year ago, i purchased Originally I had fully intended to make that into a Scion enthusiasts website and online community. I made a weak attempt, and really just didn’t have the time or energy to put into it. So, my motivation and the site began to lack and eventually just sat static. Fast forward to last week. I was approached by somebody interested in purchasing the domain. My initial thought was ‘nope’ – thats too good of a domain name to let go. I even put some time back into the site and upgraded the forums. But, after a couple days the idea of selling seemed to get better and better. We settled on a good price, and my paypal account balance confirmed that the sale was for real.

I was kind of intimidated to tell the truth… I had never sold a website before and really didn’t know how to do it. Turns out it’s really not that hard. The buyer initiates a change of registrar, and you give the buyer the site’s authorization code and unlock the domain from your own registrar. A couple clicks and that was the end of it. BRB I hope your new owner treats you better than I did.

To go along with selling things in and around the online arena, I’ve finally decided to sell some things on eBay… I’ve been a member of eBay since the year 2000, but I’ve never bought anything or sold anything on ebay. In fact, i have no idea why i am a member – Or, why I can still remember a password that i created 7 years ago and haven’t used since. Regardless, the task of listing an item for auction is another new venture for me. It was easy enough to do – and I had two bids within a half hour on my first auction. Thus, I decided to post another auction.

So far, I am just lightening up on video games by selling all of my final fantasy games:
Auction 1 – Final Fantasy Playstation Lot
Auction 2 – Final Fantasy GBA/DS Lot

Both of those “Lots” are pretty impressive collections of Final fantasy games – And i’ve already played through the vast majority of them and as such will never do so again. Also it turns out a couple of those titles are pretty rare, so I have pretty high hopes for these two auctions of mine.

I’m feeling “entrepreneurial” from an online perspective and brainstorming a bunch of online ideas. We’ll see what happens in the long run here.

15 thoughts on “Online Selling

  1. vanlandw

    lmao you should keep possession of your soul vanberge.

    if you were selling them individually i would have placed a bid on a few. i have most of what you were selling other then a few titles (origins, FF VI GBA).

    i hope you make some big bucks on your lots :-*

    also tell me your ideas i’m cheap labor (free) if you need any assistance ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. FLO

    I’m in the mood for selling as well. I’m going to Vertigo music tomorrow and selling a bunch of old cds that I don’t listen to anymore. The mp3’s for said cd’s are all on my hard drive anyway.

  3. vanbergs

    The next time I go to Hart, I was planning on returning with my comic collection. Want me to grab all your baseball cards, brother? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. vanlandw

    I just clicked on your adverts vanberge number four. I also hope your “lots” bring in lots of money :-*

    Personally I’m a pack rat but in reality I don’t really have that much stuff. Also I like all the stuff that I have. Other then if i was in absolute dire need of money I would never sell my video games. I’ve sold stuff in the past (videogames, CD’s, hardware, ect) and almost always ended up regretting it. At my grandmothers are all my old basketball cards and tons of old videogame stuff. When I finally own a house I will consolidate and get rid of stuff I feel I don’t need.

  5. Jeff

    Damnit. I bid $50 on your lots, assuming that I would just drive up the bid price for you. Worked find the PSX titles. But I am apparently the high bidder on the GBA titles. If I win I demand free shipping. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. vanlandw

    vanberge – you should have honestly asked me to select and choose I would have purchased FFVI GBA for at least 20 bucks.

    you are a good man though i hope your lots increase :-*

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