Ker plunk

This past weekend resulted in a very comical scenario (unordered list):

The Short:

  • I have now have a new cell phone.

The Long:

  • I currently have a motorola V710, and its a great phone. But its a big phone (almost annoyingly big), and the battery life is abysmal. Its been losing its charm day by day, and I really became fed up with it overall.
  • Sunday morning came, and I started talking about wanting to get a new cell phone. Playful arguments ensued, and the determination was made that I could not get a new cell phone at this time.
  • My parents were coming down to visit and grab some wedding pics, so I started getting ready. Ate some quick breakfast, showered… Then, I grabbed my V710 (Still wrapped in Towel)
  • I delicately slide my V710 onto the bathroom counter… The V710 continues to slide, nearly stopping at the edge of the counter, but ultimately diving off the counter.
  • The V710 bounces off the wall mounted toilet paper roll…
  • The V710 bounces on the rim of the toilet seat…
  • The V710 submerges itself completely in the water of my toilet…
  • I grab the V710, flip it open, and watch the screen display an assortment of torrid colors before fading to darkness.
  • I pulled the battery as soon as I could, but damage was done… Even nearly a week later, the phone’s buttons do not work (although, it will boot up correctly).

So, I am now the proud owner of a motorola razr V3m. And this phone is phenominal. It has EVDO (which, apparently stands for EVolution Data Optimizer) – Basically, my cell phone is pretty much broadband speed. I haven’t found a speed test that will work on the browser, but it is light years past my V710’s internet speeds.

This RAZR also maintains all the functionality of my V710 – It plays mp3’s, it plays 3gp videos, it has a MicroSD slot, it has a 1.3 mp camera (which the quality is much better than the V710 as well). Not bad considering that it was 80 dollars vs. almost 160 for my V710 over a year ago.

Overall, it was a very funny situation. It’s not every day your phone ends up in the shitter.

7 thoughts on “Ker plunk

  1. vanlandw

    This reminds me of the time that vandermeer dropped his Nokia into the pooper :-[

    I am glad you obtained a new celly though vanberge!

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