Google Rocks

Google is one of the few software companies that have become a house hold name. Even most “non technical” people know the word “Google”.

Basically, everything that Google does is awesome. Not only for their search engine capabilities, but for the assortment of all kinds of online services they offer – for free. Google analytics, Rss reader, Gmail, Google local, etc. I am very impressed with this company; specifically that they are able to offer great software and services completely free of charge.

They probably are able to do this because they really dont advertise. You don’t see google tv commercials, google newspaper/magazine ads.. etc. They dont have to. Everyone just knows their name. But even so, not everybody knows them beyond their search engine.

I think Google is going to be the company that breaks Microsoft’s dominance in the computer industry. Although their business model is mainly an online initiative, they have written desktop software such as Picasa and Google earth. If i were google i’d be having a development team writing an operating system, a vendor like HP or dell ready to use that OS on their hardware, etc. I know that I would definitely give a Google OS a spin if it were available for download.

People know and love Google… and with Google’s past record with software I’m more than certain they are capable of producing such a product.

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12 thoughts on “Google Rocks

  1. Darrin

    Agreed! I actually just started a group on facebook called, “I Love Google!”. Google certainly has enough talent and cash to start their own OS, heres to hopeing that they do.

  2. Jeff

    Google is the quickly becoming the next evil empire.

    Though their advertising is less pervasive than most, it is everywhere.

    The reason Google doesn’t advertise is because they are a monopoly. Monopolies don’t need to advertise because they are so commonly known. There was some Google advertising towards the beginning of their life.

    The fact that people know of Google, does not mean that they know what Google is. They have already begun to loss effective branding, as Google has started becoming a verb. Rather than say “search for it” they are saying “google it.” There is no brand distingishment, just like in the south people say “Coke” for soft drink.

    Another problem they has is that their services remain in “beta” stage essentially forever. They try to skirt accountability by slapping “in development” on it.

    Recently, they have just been releasing products for a brief period, then pulling them. Just to create PR hype.

    I think when Google was just the best search engine they were great, but I am beginning to glow leary of their antics.

  3. Vanberge Post author

    Mr. Fuller just despises everything except for apple computers and Mac OSX 😛

    can you honestly say you wouldnt like to see / try a google operating system??

  4. vanlandw

    i agree with both of you. I like some of their services but I just can’t think they are going to be perfect angels forever

    i posted on something i totally disliked a while ago…..

    Also, gmail could use a functionally update IMO and the google reader is just not as good as something like Gregarius or bloglines

    but for most users and for free you really can’t beat some of their services…

    for quick searches google is without question the best

  5. Jeff

    Google would not create their own operating system. I think if they were going to do something, it would be with rebranded something or the other, there are rumbling of a universal linux remote login thing.
    [this is where a line break would have been]
    Creating a new desktop OS at this point would be virtually impossible due to the economies of scale vested in Windows.

  6. vanberge

    the line breaks are in there…

    I think the style i use is reformatting them. I looked at things with a blackberry browser and i can see all your line breaks

    i’ll try to fix that some day. 😛

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