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This weekend consisted of playing in my first ever poker ‘tournament’. I have played games with friends, family, for cash, for fun, but never in a tournament. For some reason, I felt a bit intimidated and nervous; even though this tournament didn’t involve any real money. 1st prize was a card table and nice chipset, 2nd was a very nice chipset, etc.. and up through 5th place received some type of poker related prize. I ended up doing pretty well actually, finishing 13th out of 90 players. My only main goal was not to get eliminated on day 1, and I did succeed in that.

Other random weekend notes include: Frankie v’s is the home of the beer tower, go team w00t, camel light wang guy (apparently), people cannot use “u-scans” efficiently, rice krispy treats de chris j, and suited queen – jack which ended it for me.

Also, I was re-reading some of my old blog/journal/requiem… and wow, some of that attempted written word is so terrible that i debated deleting it (shitty metaphoric attempts, blatantly stupid remarks, etc). However, I left it all. I also made note of some entries that I found interesting for various reasons. So I would like to point those out to you. yes. you.

11-29-03, 8-4-03, 8-30-03, and I think 1-2-04 is my favorite. read’em if you
like, no guarantees

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