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Normally I wouldnt just want to chronicle events in my life with this site/journal. but this is deserving of written record.

Last week I was contacted for several job interviews; Bissell (yes that one), the red cross, mercantile bank, Pfizer, and finally: The Cybernet Group.

Wow, I am psyched… job interviews everywhere. Bissell was yesterday, it went well. Then it happened. I was casually chatting on line after I returned from the Bissell interview, and mr. Torrey informed me that Cybernet may be being raided by the FBI. Evidently it was a rumor around his office. So, I call Eric Z. Florence(since he works for wood tv 8), and he confirms. The Cybernet group was being raided at that exact moment by the FBI, Secret Service, and IRS. Offices closed, all equipment siezed, the whole 9. The day before I was to interview. I was speechless. I tried to call and see if the interview was still on, but nobody answered.

For some time I debated how to pursue this.. Then I realized there was no other option. Go to the interview as planned.

I made this decision at 9:25 a.m. this morning, interview was at 10 in downtown GR. SO.. I threw on a white shirt, tie, white socks, black shoes. I did not shower, brush my teeth, or even really style my hair. I got downtown and parked at about 10 on the dot. I walk up to the Cybernet group’s doors and attempt entry. The doors were locked 🙁 and not a person in sight. I buzzed the intercom – “Hi, Eric Vanbergen here for a job interview”. I continued to buzz the com 7 or 8 times. Finally, a woman came on…..

“May I help you sir?” – woman
“Yes, I am here for a job interview.. Eric Vanbergen” – me

“Well… the office is closed today” – woman
“Should I come back tomorrow ?” – me
“Ummmmm…. Did you watch the news last night ?” – woman

“No” – me

“Okay… well, you may want to go onto some news sites about this company” – woman

“Did you guys get robbed or something ?” – me

“Sir, I cannot discuss details.. But you should definitely look into some news websites about this company before you pursue a job” – woman

“Can I come in ??” – me

Then she was done talking.

Apart from that slight deboggle (is that a word?)… I do have alot of job opportunities starting to pan out further. I have 4 real interviews, so I feel like my vacation is about over. And for that, I could not be happier.

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