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Fantasy Football 2011 – Delight and Angers

Our beloved fantasy football league, “The Worst People Ever”, has concluded another epic season of virtual competition. I usually try to come up with a good team name, and this year I chose “Delight and Angers” which couldn’t possibly be a more accurate description.

In the 2010 season, I had a really good year. Arian Foster and a quick Mike Vick pickup powered me to an overall 12 – 2 record and over 2,000 points scoring. I did very well and I don’t mind saying that. But, the regular season means nothing once you make the playoffs. A singular loss by 3 points and the championship is no longer yours; and that is exactly what happened. My brother defeated me, as I can only describe was perfect karma for the terrible defeat I handed him in the regular season. He went on to win the league, and I went on to 3rd place even though I all but dominated overall.

The 2012 season brought me a similar amount of success, although I was much luckier in many areas. Calvin Johnson, Lesean McCoy, and Darren Sproles powered me to the same overall record as last season at 12 – 2. I won 10 games in a row to start the season, but had a few close calls in there. Two of my victories were achieved by less than one point.

I clinched the playoffs very early and tried not to get my hopes up. Obviously anything can happen in this fake sport, as the previous season showed.

As playoffs started, I finished in 1st place and was fittingly matched up with a 4th place Vanlandw. He and I had a 1 – 1 split the regular season matchup. I certainly wasn’t confident in an easy victory; but, I should have been. My team put up the highest score that has ever been tallied in our league’s 5 year lifespan. I honestly felt a little guilty… Vanlandw’s team had put up enough points to beat any of the other 6 teams playing; and I still defeated him by more than 70 points.

I allowed myself to enjoy the success and the notion of playing for a fantasy championship for the first time; and really the matchup was very favorable in my direction. Payner’s team was lacking Matt Forte, Darren McFadden, and it was possible that the Packers may sit his quarterback Aaron Rodgers. I really liked my chances and I was a very heavy favorite to win based on projected points.

Flo even gave me the league trophy a few days early…

I’m not one for superstitions, but he absolutely jinxed me by doing that.

The downward spiral started with Tony Romo getting hurt on the first drive of his game. I literally scored 0 points at the QB position. Shortly after that, Lesean McCoy was rendered with an ankle injury. And with those two players each getting me an average of 20 points a game – I now had a 40 point swing to make up for. I had strong performances from Calvin, Colston, Sproles, and even my kicker – but it was not enough.

I’m settling for 2nd place this year it seems, but I have put together back-to-back 12 win seasons and that is really pretty impressive.

Congrats are surely in order for Payner, and I’m not a sore loser here by any means…

Brothers (2010) – Rated R for Language

Demons of war came between them. What can bring them back together?

The movie “Brothers” was actually released in 2009. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire; “Brothers” depicts intense conflict between two brothers resulting from war torn emotions and altered states of complete detachment.

The entirely fictional plot of this film was rendered in exact non-fiction between my brother and I over this past weekend…

However, the stakes of this actual brotherly civil war were much higher than that of the movie. Instead of family, marriage, and war’s effects on humanity; My brother and I waged an epic battle of FANTASY FOOTBALL.

This was a very key matchup. I stood atop the league with a perfect 4 – 0 record. My team has put up astounding numbers of points on multiple weeks to leave me in a commanding position. My brother’s team stood in 2nd place. His record of 3 wins 1 loss was met with similar numbers of fantasy points. It was clear and certain that this was nothing less than a battle of giants, the supreme battle for 1st place.  The titans of the WPE fantasy football league clashed with such force, the entire universe trembled with fear.

My team’s projected fantasy numbers were heavily favored – 147 points vs the 115 of my brother. His team was heavily injured, hurting, limping, but poised with dedication to claw their way to the top. His star running back, LeSean McCoy put up a 25 point game while wearing a FLACK JACKET covering his FRACTURED RIBS.  A truly remarkable feat. Meanwhile, my star running back Arian Foster rushed for a bastardly 25 yards on 11 carries resulting in a despicable 4 (FOUR) fantasy points.

The brutality of this contest weighed heavily on our remaining warriors.

  • My brother’s quarterback, Peyton Manning,  put up equally disappointing numbers in what must be his worst fantasy output ever. 8 points.
  • Anquan Boldin held to one singular catch for 8 yards; making my WR2 position nothing but a sheer travesty.
  • Single digit points continued from at least 3 players on both sides of this contest. The misery and disbelieve in what was taking place continued to add up.

As others fell, the dark horses emerged with valiant efforts to pull their respective teams ahead.  Philip Rivers put up astounding passing numbers coming from my bench.  He now leads the NFL in passing yardage and is tied for most touchdowns thrown.  For my brother, Santana Moss and the Philadelphia Eagles defense combined for nearly 50 fantasy points.  The battle raged at even keel as night time drew upon them.

As Sunday came and went, my brother enjoyed a 20 point lead over my team as we looked to Monday Night’s game.   The final and deciding battle in this epic 2 day war.  I still had one last hope: The New York Jets defense.  My brother’s lone combatant still remained as well: Jets’ tight end Dustin Keller.  Keller posed a worthy foe; as he has been the favorite target of QB Mark Sanchez lately.  Meanwhile, the Jets’ defense faced an aging and somewhat injured/interception prone Brett Favre.  Both sides lined the battlefield stacked with an agonizing blend of hope and frustration.

As the final battle drew closer, we each seemed certain that the other was going to be the victor.  Vanbergs awaited numerous interceptions by my defense on the “pic-prone” Favre.  I dreaded the notion of Dustin Keller catching multiple touchdowns as he has done in the red zone this year.

With the utmost anticipation; we clutched onto our very souls for the final game of the week: Monday Night.  Jets vs Vikings.

The stage poetically set in heavy rain, thunderstorm delays, and utter warfare; the game begins with optimism on both sides.  The rainy weather seems to foretell many short yardage passes to TE Keller; While Favre’s age and health would eventually lead the Vikings scoreless throughout the first half at the hands of my defense.

As the first half drew towards a close, Jets QB Mark Sanchez targeted Dustin Keller for a touchdown pass that was sure to be the nail in my coffin.  I couldn’t bear to watch.  I had to turn away.  Through the complete downpour of rain, the killing strike  of my undefeated season had been unleashed.  As the play closed, the slow motion replay was simply poised to agonize me… but it was time for me to face my fate.  I watch the replay, and the image of Keller dropping the touchdown pass will never leave my memory.

With only a couple receptions for Keller, and a couple turnovers in favor of my defense, I had cut the margin from 20 to 7 at the half.  But time was running out.  Two Vikings touchdowns early in the 3rd quarter increased my uphill climb to victory; but the Jets were heavily run focused and not passing to Keller at all (at the detest of my brother).  As the game wore on, the Jets maintained a narrow lead over the Vikings and my brother was under 2 minutes away from squeaking out a viciously epic, hardfought, and utterly narrow victory.

But with some terrible clock management, the Jets had given the Vikings a striking chance at a final game winning drive.  The offense took the field for Minnesota, and they would serve as salvation for one of the VanBergen brothers.  As the aging Favre drew back his next throw, he unleashed all of the torment and hardship that this fantasy war has caused.  The most momentous and profound pass ever thrown was screaming through the air; the outcome of true warfare spiraled into the rain soaked air. With only 1 minute left, in one of the last plays in the last game of the week, Brett Favre threw an interception to my Jets defense that was returned for a touchdown.

I simply cannot imagine the blinding red infuriation caused by this singular play.  In one play, my team wins by one point.  In one play, Vanbergs’ team falls from 2nd place to 4th place.  In one play, I have maintained an undefeated season thus far.  In one play, the relationship between brothers may never again be the same.

Annual Football Post

This is undoubtedly my favorite time of year. Football is my favorite sport by far, and the start of NFL/Fantasy/College Football this year has me very excited.

Let’s start at the top:

The Detroit Lions
Every single year, I am overtaken with immense anticipation of what the Lions are going to offer. Continuously, it is an immense let down. The Lions are literally astounding at how they can grip their fans’ optimism and crush it over the regular season. The Lions hit rock bottom in 2008; finishing with a record of 0 wins, 16 losses. The PERFECT season of fail. 2009 was only marginally better; with a record of 2 – 14.

I have some cautious optimism this year; as the Lions appear to have some significant improvement in their offense with the likes of Jhavid Best, Tony Scheffler, and Nate Burleson. Matthew Stafford showed really pretty impressive numbers in the pre-season; so I maintain my optimism as we look to the season opener this weekend.

University of Michigan
The college football season opened last weekend, and Michigan played excellently well. It’s been hard for me to maintain a fanhood to a single college team over the years, primarily to the change in rosters and rancid BCS bowl system. But, having my cousin Ryan VanBergen as a starter on the U of M defense makes it very fun and exciting to watch.

U of M has some upward ground to climb to overcome two pretty awful seasons of their own. But, if their opener is any indication; then I have high hopes for them this season. Denard Robinson was somewhat a surpise start over Tate Forcier, but he killed it in their opening game. He rushed for just under 200 yards and has really improved his passing game as well. It was a really fun game to watch, the Wolverines looked like a strong team, and my cousin got a couple awesome hits in the game. I’m thinking RichRod finally has things turned around; and that’s a good thing – if he produces a losing record this year it’s pretty much universally guaranteed that he’ll be fired.

Fantasy Football 2010
Much to my own surprise, I have decided to play fantasy football this year. I have been pretty disgusted with how my last two seasons have turned out regarding fantasy football. I’ve drafted very competitively and intelligently. My teams have put up very good and even league leading numbers; but I’ve been in the bottom shelf of the league since its effing inception. Last year I thought was a breaking point, as I declared via bloggity that I was quitting for good. Vanlandw and others may call out my bluff here, and that’s fine. I’ve shown my ability to stick to my stubborn guns already this year as I quit watching 24 halfway through its final season.

Months of downtime has healed my fantasy wounds. I have overcome complete and whole frustration to forward-looking excitement and anticipation of the fantasy storm that ensues during football season. There are some good changes in our fantasy league that will breathe some freshness into it, and I did end up with a pretty decent draft.

I am going to make bold predictions that this is the year for the tri-fecta of turnarounds:

  • Detroit Lions finish with a decent record (9-7 or 10-6) and may even make the playoffs.
  • U of M makes a bowl game; following on the heels of their conference wins over MSU and Ohio State. 😛
  • “The Double Rainbows” (my fantasy team) will win the effing league.

I look forward to updating this post in early 2011 declaring all my predictions completely wrong on all levels.

World Cup Fever

I grew up in a small town with a smaller public school system.

In this small public school district, the only time soccer was offered as a sport was during a summer months league.  The programs were largely put on by volunteer coaches/refs and organizations like the Jaycees printed team uniforms.  I took part in this summer soccer league for 2 or 3 summers during my elementary grade-school years.  I never had much interest in it though; as I wanted to spend the precious summer vacation months riding my bike, playing nintendo with my brother, and watching TV and cartoons.  Really I only participated in soccer because my parents took me, my dad volunteer coached our teams, and many of my friends played.

I soon outgrew the summer soccer league, and my minimal interest in the sport faded until it was a complete and total lack thereof.  I didn’t follow the sport, I didn’t find any interest in it whatsoever, even when a more organized school sponsored team formed during my late high school years.

Fast forward more than a decade – and I have World Cup fever.

Before this World Cup started, I couldn’t have named a single soccer player aside from David Beckham.  Still, for reasons that I simply cannot understand or communicate, I’ve made a strong effort to watch as much soccer as possible in these early stages of the tournament.  It started perhaps with the much-hyped USA vs England round 1 match, but it’s since morphed into near addiction.  Following the USA alone has been thrilling and entertaining.  They’ve had very dramatic games with tight scoring, referee controversy, and topped that off with a sensational last minute victory over Algeria to win their group and advance.  Even with the US since being eliminated by Ghana, they’ve certainly made me a fan.

I have been trying to decide the pros and cons of this sport, maybe searching to answers for why I’m all the sudden so into it and eager to jump on the bandwagon.  So this is the best I can come up with:

What I like about Soccer:

  • No stoppage of play.  The clock keeps ticking no matter what.  Any lost time for injuries or substitutions is added on at the end of the match per referee discretion.  Compare that to the NBA where the last 2 minutes of a game take nearly as long as the previous 3 periods combined.  Whistles, timeouts, fouls, etc.  Soccer maintains a much quicker flow and consistent tempo because of this and I am glad it works that way.
  • Yellow/Red cards.  Seeing somebody get kicked out for a red card is purely entertaining.  I also enjoy the fact that a red-carded player results in the team playing a man down for the remainder of the match.
  • The teamwork.  Soccer is similar in strategy to hockey.  The length of the field and gameplay result in a lot of ball movement, passing, and formations.  This makes it impossible to have a “Ball hog” type player a-la Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.  One player can’t make the team, and I like that.
  • Substitutions.  I don’t know how other leagues do it, but international rules of the Worldcup only allow for 3 substitutions per match.  This adds to the dynamic of the game, and speaks volumes to the conditioning of the athletes.

What I don’t like about Soccer:

  • Dives.  It seems like players continuously take dives at the slightest hint of any contact in an effort to draw penalties.  They do this more than in any other sport I have ever seen.  A slight tap to the calf muscle may result in the player writhing in pain as though his leg was just blown off by a frag grenade.  It’s just completely ridiculous.  But the public makes the most if it with hilarious hilight compilations scattered throughout the web.
  • Vuvuzelas.  I can understand blowing an effing Vuvuzela when something happens in the game…  When a goal is scored, a foul, or a great play.  But when fans just blow them continuously and constantly it makes no sense to me whatsoever.  It’s almost like the fans are bored with soccer and have to do something to occupy themselves.  The sound is annoying, distracting, and is seriously almost unbearable to cope with.  It sounds like a swarm of steroid pumping insects that can devour anything in their paths.   They’re terrible.

With all of that detailed near-amateur analysis, the bottom line is that I’ve enjoyed this year’s World Cup tournament quite alot.  I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it play out.  And I just may be a converted soccer fan.

I’m Quitting Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a game.  It should be a fun way to get into football and a good way for friends to generally share some laughs together.

This is far from what it is.

It has become a complete and whole disdain of my existence.  It causes me literally enough frustration to throw and break objects in my home.  Don’t get me wrong here – I’m generally a very easy going person and don’t very often let my temper get the better of me.  But, for some reason, Fantasy football has the power to turn my Sundays into 12 hour marathons of pure, unbridled, non-filterd, blinding sheer brutality.

I cannot even BEGIN to explain how pissed off I am.

This “game” shouldn’t matter to me this much.  I shouldn’t give a shit less whether I win or lose or by how much.  But sitting here tonight I am absolutely in-fucking-furiated.

Here’s why:  I AM GETTING COMPLETELY SCREWED in Fantasy football.

So many readers might be saying “stop whining” or “suck it up” or something along those lines – but before you pass judgment on my attitude and sour mood, please allow me to explain my frustrations.

Currently, I am in a matchup with “Vanlandw” – and I must say that I mean no ill will or offense toward his person – but his Fantasy football team was 0 – 4 before playing me.  In those 4 losses, his team scored an average of 90 fantasy points per game.  This is important so I’m going to re-iterate:  His average points per game this year in Fantasy football is ninety (90) points.  He even said to me about our matchup “well it’s an easy win for you”.  One more time:  Vanlandw’s team is WINLESS and averaging NINETY points per game.

Vanlandw has fully admitted multiple times that he has an awful fantasy team.  Guys that were expected to be awesome for him have been rancid – this is no fault of his own and it’s very unfortunate that he has a bad fantasy football team (LEEEENNNNNNDAAAAAAALLLLLLEEEEE).  I share honor and pride with Vanlandw and am glad that we are gladiating against each other.  However, I should be destroying him in our contest this week.   In my first 4 games, my team is averaging 113.75 points per game.  You will note that this is 23.75 points higher than Vanlandw’s team average points per game.

Our current score, with each having one more player remaining, is currently 108 – 121.  Vanlandw is destroying me.

I’m fine losing to Vanlandw – losing to a fellow Van is the least of my frustrations.  I congratulate him on actually getting a victory this fantasy season.  But, for me, this is a trend that has been the case since last season and it has come to the boiling point where I have submitted to my frustrations.

I have a very competitive fantasy team.  I feel that I drafted very well amongst a sea of auto-picking teams.   My team has scored 563 fantasy points so far this season including my score tonight.  This amount of points is bested by only the #1 and #2 teams in our league who have 598 and and 584 points respectively.  With similar point values; you might think that I’d be somewhere around the top three.  WOULDN’T THAT BE SOMETHING.  But, Vanbergs is currently in 3rd place.   My team has more points than his.   My team is currently in 8th place out of 10 teams.  Let that settle in a bit – 8th place out of 10.  Rancid rancid hideous awful place.

This is similar to last year, where my fantasy team actually led the regular season in points but I ended up finishing in 8th place and barely making the “consolation” playoff round.

So, the trend has continued where I have put up enough points every week to beat nearly every other person in our league; but the person I happen to be playing puts up season-high numbers to beat me.  My team’s points-against is 598.  This means my opponents in 5 weeks have scored an average of 119.6 points per game against me.  Compare that to the REST OF THE LEAGUE PLAYING ANYBODY ELSE and the average points per game are:  103.7.   So, any team playing anybody in our league will score an average of 16 points less than the person playing me.  Which, holds true this week looking at my contest with Vanlandw.

This has resulted in my team having an abysmal 1-4 record even though I have 100 more points than teams in that same ballpark (7th, 9th places, etc).  I’m really the only big outlier in our league.  Most other teams’ point totals are corresponding to the place that they are in and the number of wins/losses that they have.  I don’t feel mine is at all in line.  I’m not sure why this keeps happening – but I’ve had enough of the bullshit.  There’s no other way to put it except that I’m getting screwed.

I’m done playing fantasy football.

  • Week 1:  Payner’s Eagle defense scores over 40 fantasy points which is simply unheard of by a defense.  I lose 112 – 133 in what I am very confident in calling a “bad beat”.
  • Week 2:  I ACTUALLY WIN.  142 – 101.  But, only because Devin Brown failed to start the 2 highest scorers on his team.  If he had done that, I would have lost – so I’m very surprised that did not occur.
  • Week 3:  Skinny’s entire team puts up double digit numbers across the board just crushing me.  114 – 139.  He was projected to have 111 points and I was projected to have 114.  yeah.
  • Week 4:  My three WRs combine for 13 points TOTAL in a loss to Flo that I did actually deserve.  87 – 104.
  • Week 5:  Vanlandw is killing me.  His 0 – 4 team is led by Roddy White who of course puts up career high, franchise high 200+ yards receiving with god knows how many touchdowns.  Roddy just swings out 32 Fantasy points by himself.   Odd – since Roddy White in the previous 4 games total had 119 receiving yards and 1 TD.  A perfect display of what happens when fantasy owners are playing against me.

I sit with a 1 – 4 record with almost no chance of doing well this season even though my team puts up consistently high numbers.  Other team’s players continue to put up career high and just absolute record breaking numbers seemingly only when they are playing against my team.  I’m sick of it.  I want my Sundays back.  It’s BS.  It pisses me off.  And, I’m done.

Just to follow up to this, I’m going to post last season’s final standings.

1. T.J Whosyourmama  9-5-0     .643     1463
2. Bun                         9-5-0     .643     1321
3. Free Kwame             8-6-0     .571     1354
4. vanlandw                 9-5-0     .643     1452
5. The Secret Muslims   7-7-0     .500     1291
6. Jon Kitna’s Bible       7-7-0     .500     1315
7. The Dark Knights    6-8-0    .429    1464
8. $5 Footlongs             7-7-0    .500     1235
9. That’s what she said   5-9-0     .357    1269
10. The Ninnies             3-11-0   .214    1289

You will notice the drastic similarity in 2008’s season numbers compared to this season.  my 1464 points is THE HIGHEST of all other teams in the league.  Note that the first place team has 1463 compared to my 1464 points.  Those point totals should put me somewhere at least near the top 3 teams in the league with an overwhelmingly positive record.  But, as you can see, I finished with a .429 winning percentage and a final record of 6 wins, 8 losses.

I simply cannot let this go and am overwhelmingly infuriated further as I review these statistics.

General Football Post

I would like to take this opportunity to offer some thoughts, hopes, and predictions for the upcoming NFL, Collegiate, and Fantasy footbal seasons

As the 2009/10 professional football season kicks off, there are a number of things on my mind.  First and certainly foremost are the DETROIT LIONS.  I have been a Lions fan for as long as I can remember.  I love professional football and I grew up in what could only be described as the “prime” of the Detroit Lions.  Players like Herman Moore, Mel Gray, and Barry Sanders made the Detroit Lions an actual decent football team that could compete at the professional level without being laughed at by the entire planet.  I long for those times to return to Detroit; but I’m happy for now just laughing with the rest of the world.

Some young talent with Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith, and Matthew Stafford do present some interesting possibilities for this team – and AT SOME POINT, the lions MUST pick a Quarterback who isn’t a NCAA allstar/NFL Flameout.  It seems the lions have picked up every single college quarterback that just cannot cut it at the professional level – HOPEFULLY in all caps, MATTHEW STAFFORD can begin to break the mold and turn into a top performing quarterback within the next few years.

As much as I hope for the opposite, I predict Stafford to struggle this year fairly extensively – and he’ll end up splitting starts with Daunte Culpepper.  The Lion’s definitely don’t go winless this year, but they also certainly won’t be a factor.  I predict a modestly awful 5-11 record; just bad enough to keep the lions out of any possibility of a beneficial draft pick next season.

NCAA Football
My family has always been a “Michigan” family.  There’s never really been any burning reason for this that I can think of or recall, but it’s been the case starting with my Grandfather.  I usually have a bit more difficult time being a fan of college football for a few different reasons.  First and foremost is the ridiculous bowl season.  Every team in every conference plays in some type of “Bowl” game which is just a disgrace to sports.  I personally couldn’t care less if  Southern Montana Community College scores a last second victory against Northern Maine’s Intermediate School District in the dreaded “Tampax Heavy Day” bowl.

It’s completely stupid.  I HATE the college football bowl season.

NCAA basketball has it perfectly conceived.  A single elimination tournament to determine one winner of one championship game.  If the same model were applied to college football, the resulting championship series would be a larger event than the Super bowl.  But, whatever governing body of misguided and un-educated people makes such policies simply cannot see that and they continue to support the meaningless, sponsor driven, rancid, abysmal, and absolutely feces laden NCAA Men’s Football Bowl season.

Another big reason that I have problems being a fan of college football is the players.  It seems that every standout player that I would start to be a fan of would end up in the NFL the very next year.  The roster turnaround in college is just too fast; and I don’t have a chance to gain a fan attachment for any college players it seems.

But, that has all changed this year – My first cousin, Ryan VanBergen, is a starter for Michigan’s defense.  VanBergen, #53, is a defensive end that ends up playing most defensive series this year.  It’s really pretty amazing for me to see my cousin on television as a starter for a school like U of M; and this year it has provided me with the fan-attachment I needed to get back into college football.  I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s U of M vs Notre Dame matchup.  It was a great back and forth game which was mostly well played by both teams.  Turnovers, penalties, and officiating made huge differences in some very significant places of the game.  And, in the end, Michigan pulled out a very exciting finish by scoring the game winning touchdown with somewhere around 10 seconds left.  It was awesome!

I am looking forward to watching the up and coming U of M program under Rodriguez – they run a very unique and fast paced offense that is really fun to see executed.  This year, they’re executing it MUCH better than they did last year.

Finally, Fantasy fooball
My fantasy team is pretty solid this year.  I am very happy with the team I drafted:  Tom Brady QB, Roy Williams WR1, Vincent Jackson WR2, Lance Moore/Donald Driver WR3, Michael Turner RB1, Marion Barber RB2, Dallas Clarke TE, and NY Giants as my Defense.   I was really hoping to get Tom Brady with my 2nd round pick, and that did end up working out.  I was desperately hoping to pick up either Randy Moss or Wes Welker as another WR, but that didn’t end up working out.  Even so, I’m working on trading to get one of them.  But, even without that I am pretty happy with my team and I should be pretty competitive.

Fantasy football will follow some of the NFL trends; so my forward looking trends are as follows:
I think Roy Williams is going to shine this year with Terrell Owens out of the picture.  Last year he came to the cowboys in mid-season, and playing behind Terrell Owens.  Now with an entire off-season to get work in learning the offense, and “Owens” out of the picture, I look forward to Roy Williams enjoying a 1,000 yard / 10 TD season for my Fantasy team.

I am also looking forward to seeing what Correll Buckhalter can do for Denver.  He has spent the last few years behind Eagles’ running back Brian Westbrook – So I’m gambling on the hunch that Buckhalter could be this years Michael Turner.  A 2nd string back that can really shine when there’s not somebody like Westbrook in front of him.  Michael Turner showed the world last year that behind LaDanian Tomlinson was one of the NFLs best running backs.  Here’s to hoping Buckhalter reaches even half that status serving as my backup RB and maybe my flex position!

For the “Worst People Ever” I predict an unfortunate victory by “Mortar and Bones” – But in all reality I’m just being humble.  I think I’m going to win the league this year. 🙂

In conclusion, this is simply an epic football post – and I am really excited about all the various football that is starting this time of year.  It seems like I get more and more excited about football with each season that comes along.  I love football.  :-/