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Updates posted from my mobile device.


Your command, Vanberge? [235:9] : S
Who would you like to attack?

(full or PARTIAL name)
NAME: jjafuller

You mean jjafuller? [Y] Y

You hunt around for jjafuller…YOU FIND HIM!
He is brandishing a dangerous looking Power Axe.

Attack jjafuller [Y] :Y


You have encountered jjafuller!!

jjafuller surprises you.

** jjafuller hits with his Power Axe for 98 damage! **

Your Hitpoints : 265
jjafuller’s Hitpoints : 533


(D)eath Knight Attack (2)

Your command, Vanberge?  [A] : D

In a situation like this, you need every advantage you can get.


In a scream of rage, you brandish your Able’s Sword wildly.  The
surprised jjafuller misses a parry, and you are able to send your
enemy’s nose into the air with a smooth blow.

You hit jjafuller for 650 damage!

You have put out this Fire Orks flame!

You find a Gem!

You have killed jjafuller!

You receive 0 gold, and 305621 experience!

Say something to the press? [N] : Y

Share your feelings now.. (Max 50 char!)
“`1BOOMSHAKALAKA….  kabloop

(E)ffing Mad

Your emotional state? [H] :S

“BOOMSHAKALAKA….  kabloop” Vanberge declares sadly.


I really miss warnings in AIM.
I’m not exactly sure when or why they stopped working, but clearly AOL needs to bring them back.
I still have some pretty LOL screenshots of all my friends being warned up to 100% and barely being able to chat…
Those were the good ol’ days.
I would warn vanbergs and vanlandw immediately.