Business Trip

For me, this is a very abnormal week. First and foremost – Disturbed is playing. However, I had to relinquish my ticket because i am currently on a business trip for this entire work week.

Although i feel absolute sadness and sheer despair over missing disturbed for the second year in a row; this week is really pretty exciting for me. I’ve never been on a business trip before now. I’m in chicago about 5 miles from the Ohare airport, spending 5 days at EMC receiving training on how to administer and manage their SAN hardware. That said – it is effing wierd to be in a huge city all by yourself. I don’t feel ‘scared’- but something like anxiety almost all the time. Well… i guess i’m kind of lying… Something about huge cities just absolutely terrifies me. Walking around looking up at 15 story buildings, watching airplanes fly almost directly over my head, driving on 47 lane highways; its just a feeling that i’m not used to and so far cannot get over.

Overall, its exciting to be on a business trip, sure.. but I didnt have to be here long to realize that I absolutely hate this town. People drive like assholes, alot of people are assholes, theres more of everything i hate and less of everything i like. I feel like chicago is nothing more than an ant hill that somebody just needs to shake up and pour water down. Maynard James Keenan might be the smartest most intellectual human being on this earth.

just let me get out first.

11 thoughts on “Business Trip

  1. Darrin

    Welcome to the terrible spin of business trips! I know the feeling – there is a lot of anxiety in navigating your way through a major city without having time to really plan it or even enjoy it for that matter.

  2. vanlandw

    you missed a pretty good show van…the opening bands blew but disturbed was really cool. they played way to many singles but they did play fear and the game.

  3. dutchy

    welcome to rosemont/ohaire, by far the shittiest place on the planet, and the global gathering point of just about any business conference there is. go sans! i just started managing our new one here 😉

  4. Jeff

    CLEARLY, I was testing the line break mechanism.

    Since you are using the several dots, I take it you are not aware of the fix for it.

  5. bun

    this is just the best conversation ever. also, does the spacing between each poster’s name, their comments, and the next person’s comments strike anyone else as difficult to read?

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