Burn ’em

This week I’ve finally been able to burn up my last 4 vacation days.

It seems like taking vacation time is always a challenge for me – but I really try to do it because I don’t get reimbursed for untaken days and they do not roll over into next year. It’s “use ’em or lose ’em” scenario.

I guess it’s not a bad problem to have; but I sometimes feel like I have more vacation than I know what to even do with. After volunteering with Habitat for a couple saturdays, I literally had 4 and 1/2 weeks of vacation to work with. Next year will be even worse because I’ll have 5 weeks. I did manage to knock out most of it earlier in the year, and wound up with just these last 4 days left.

So far in these last 4 days I’ve played Forza 2 with Vanbergs, eaten at Mongolian BBQ, played Gears of War, flashed my phone with the newest firmware, watched “Doom, watched “Rambo II”, watched “Rambo III”, watched “Brick”, saw “I am Legend” on Imax, bought a new wireless card on ebay for 6.50, painted my hallway with two coats of “Parmesan” satin, and finally got the chance to use my behemoth snowblower…

I’ll see what else I can add to this list today. It is still pretty early.

1 thought on “Burn ’em

  1. vanlandw

    you are a good man vanberge

    Rambo fucking rules.

    Brick is awful

    Snowblowers rule

    You should finish out your week replaying Halo 3 and read a book…brb

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