P4P is back online. w00t.

Moving has been extremely exhausting. It seems like every move gets much much more difficult. I guess it just equates to having more stuff to move, but hopefully this move is fairly permanent for some time. I hate painting. I really hate painting. I hate “Home improvement made easy”. But, i already love living in this house.

Its already been a great deal of work, but after the initial move – i’ve kind of enjoyed doing this kind of stuff. I recaulked the bathtub and kitchen sink counter. I put on new screen door closers because the old ones had bent rods. I installed a garage door opening button. I put in a new dead bolt on the garage. I fixed a leaky kitchen sink. Mickey helped (well, mostly did himself) out by fixing a leaky shower faucet handle. I bought a new oven. Basically Home Depot’s stock went up because of me over this past 10 days.

It’s wierd how my priorities have instantly changed by moving into a home. Typically the first thing i would do is hook up my computer and video games, and then get everything else done “when I got around to it”. Now, I spent pretty much two entire days doing fix up type stuff to the house without so much as a thought of computer, video games, or even television. It was just an extremely odd feeling for me because that is not ususally how things go. I’ve almost been in this house an entire week and still not hooked up any video game consoles or my extremely expensive still not paid for all the way stereo. What a wierd feeling. I feel like I “grew up” or matured kind of instantly. I’ll have to make a conscious effort to work against that.


  • I really need to update gamgeecount, that is coming.
  • Congrats to Vanbergs, Vanlandw, and Flo for obtaining a new residence as well.
  • I am definitely convinced that there is nothing in this entire universe that mickeyvb is not capable of doing.
  • The chuck norris facts are really pretty goddamn funny.
  • The DLO Transpod might be the best 80 dollars i have ever spent.
  • It really does rule to have a basketball hoop.
  • FUCK vanbergs.
  • 24 and the Shield have been pretty phenominal – even though Forrest “I cant open my left eye all the way” Whittaker’s whole plot line is getting kind of stale.
  • GG rusty for keeping the bulleted lists in style.

7 thoughts on “Back

  1. mickeyvb

    Welcome Back to P4P and vanberge4! Thanks for the kudos, but not needed…

    The entering of a new phase in this manure spreader they call ‘life’ has been the instigator of the change you feelings regarding maturity… the extra responsibility imposed with decisions made that force the trend you noticed IS what matures a person… That, or you end up in proverbial pile that results when you unload that manure spreader while standing behind it.

    I have no doubt that the mcmanus brothers will be the drivers of the tractor pulling said ‘nure spreader, contolling their own destiny, rather than responding to the crap flung as a result of someone else.

    That alone is reason for pride in them… ; )

  2. hw

    Enjoy the new house honeymoon – it doesn’t last long. Since I got my house, I’ve become an “expert” plumber, electrician, plasterer, and painter as well as learning all about wood floors, asbestos, gas lines. You’ll probably figure out soon enough that the people who owned your house before you were either idiots, lazy or both and undoing someone else’s mistakes take three times as long as doing it in the first place. BTW, whatever you’ve spent at HD is nothing compared to what you will spend. Enjoy! brb.

  3. jason

    gg, and agreed with hw, try being the expert in building association, then you have to fix problems for the past people that lived there, as well as the other assholes who make too much money and are to lazy and stupid to do it themselves, and going to the local hardware store where the dude only speaks polish is annoying too, enjoy the castle king vanberge!

  4. vanberge

    lol… hw, how old is your house? hopefully that has something to do with the amount of work you have had to do 🙂 mine is like 47 years old.

    yes, owning a home definitely has its ‘cons’ so to speak. 🙁

  5. hw

    lol n00b. my house is 95. the work isn’t going to be any easier because the house is 50 years younger, btw. are you having a housewarming party soon?

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