A Chink in Google’s Armor

I am about the biggest advocate of Google products on the entire face of the earth. I use Google reader, Gmail, Google SMS, Google Talk, Google Analytics, Google 411, Google Desktop, Picasa, Google Earth, I even use Gmail to send text messages from Gmail account with growing frequency. (Much to my friends’ dismay). I also pimp Google products whenever I can… If I see somebody using Mapquest or hotmail I try to nudge them to use Google Maps or Gmail (including my wife, who still hasn’t switched from her yahoo mail.)

But recently there have been a couple things that have put a bit of a damper on my Google sunshine.

1: Google Sync for the Blackberry.
This product is functional. It will technically synchronize my calendars and contacts. But, has a tendency to remove and/or duplicate appointments. It also has completely borked my contacts once, and sporadically removed secondary numbers or emails from several of my contacts. It’s a great idea for a product – I’d love to have my contacts synced reliably. But it forces you into bi-directional synchronization when I would rather maintain one master list and have a few “slave” copies off from that. So, Google, write a new version of Google Sync that has that feature.

2: Where the hell is Google voice?
I have seriously been trying to get a Grand Central/Google Voice account for over two years. Google purchased Grand Central in 2007 and the product has been in a “closed” beta status since even before that. On March 11th, Google revealed it’s Voice product to the world – albeit still a closed beta. Their site and blog stated that they would be opening up the service in “a matter of weeks”.

Well, that was like 6 weeks ago… We’re now looking at “months”. Come on already!!!!

I’m really anxious to use this service and it bothers me that I don’t even have the option. I understand the concept of beta software where there may be bugs/quirks that hinder the service in the early stages, but really I don’t get why they are being so “closed” with this product. Even when Gmail first launched, members could invite other people to join… Why not do that with Google voice??? WHAT COULD IT HURT, GOOGLE? >:O

My anger is a result of impatience and stubbornness, but I’m still angry.

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