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Grand Theft Auto 4 – The Half Million Achievement

When I had first played through Grand Theft Auto 4, I did not take any steps to save my money.  I spent freely on clothes, food, weapons, and ammo…

This REALLY ended up frustrating me because as I defeated the game, I came very far from having enough money to satisfy the “Half Million” achievement.  To get this 55g achievement, the player needs to gain a balance of 500,000 dollars in the game.  And, if you can’t do it with the end-game bonus then your options become very limited.  Many users have guides on youtube for getting it by using cheats; mainly by spawning expensive cars and selling them.  But, that’s very time consuming and many purists don’t like to use cheats to get something like that.

I had given in and decided that this achievement was not possible short of a complete re-play of the game from scratch.  That was not going to happen.  Mentally I tried to forget this achievement existed but very unsuccessfully.

Enter GTA4: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

I was very surprised and extremely overjoyed to find out that the Ballad of Gay Tony expansion still allowed you to unlock achievements for the original GTA4 release.  When I found out, I went on an achievement unlocking spree of sorts:  Flew my helicopter under all the bridges, went on all the helicopter tours, blew up 10 cars in 10 seconds, survived 6 star wanted level for 5 minutes, took a long taxi ride without skipping, etc etc etc.

Then I had what I considered to be a very smart idea:  I thought of a way to very simply get the Half million achievement.  TBoGT has a cage-fighting minigame where you can fight against people or bet on fights for money.  This location is painfully close to your safe house/save point.  I figured there would be some sort of maximum for the amount you could place on a bet in this fight minigame – but there is no limit!

Being an expansion, TBoGT left me with somewhere around 40,000 dollars total.  Quite a ways from the half-mil mark.  But, I went to work on a fool proof venture.  I saved my game immediately before visiting the cage fight arena and betting all of my money on one fight.  The first fight I did choose correctly; so I had a cool 80k.  I take the one block drive to re-save my game and then proceed to do the exact same thing and bet every penny I have on one fight.  This 2nd fight I chose wrong 3 different times 🙁   But, through the magic of saved games I very quickly had 160,000 dollars.

I think you get the idea.  I repeated the above steps until I got bored; which left me just under 2 million dollars…  And, along the way I got the famed “Ka-bloop” sound and the 55g achievement “Half million”.

I’ve totally been on self fulfilling achievement quests as a whole lately trying to get my numbers up somewhere near Vanlandw’s 10k gamerscore.  I don’t know that I’m catching him to any degree as he has progressed at an astounding rate; but my Gamerscore has surprassed 6,000 as of last night.  That is pretty impressive in my opinion – considering my Gamerscore was 1,000 back in June of this year.

Overall, I’ve really gotten my money’s worth out of my 360 this year.  The turning point was when I decided to move it upstairs vs being down in our Basement.  I simply just did not go downstairs ever and barely ever played my 360.  A very sad story.  But I’m making up for it now and trying to cram as much video games into my soul as humanly possible before April of 2010 comes around.  🙂

Hooray for daytime video game posts.

Legend of the Red Dragon

CHOUSEY has challenged you to an Online Duel!

As is the tradition, you are allowed to completely heal yourself first.


You wait as CHOUSEY strikes.


CHOUSEY hits you for 10 points of damage!

Your Hitpoints: 10
CHOUSEY’s Hitpoints: 20

(A)ttack Your Enemy
(Y)ell Something To Your Enemy
(R)un For Your Life

Your Command?  :A

You HIT CHOUSEY for 5 points of damage!
You wait as CHOUSEY strikes.


CHOUSEY hits you for 10 points of damage!

You fall to the ground.  You think CHOUSEY is going to let you
go… Just before you feel his Dagger sliding
through your chest.

You distantly feel your lungs filling with blood, when everything becomes

You have been killed by CHOUSEY.