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lol. Memorial day weekend. Vanhood. Vanbergs. Vanlandw. Flo. MickeyVB. Cuda. JumpStart. Aztek. Oops. Steak. Brats. Beer. Dutch. Dutch Masters. Garcia Vega. Pool. Sun. SPF 30. Metro. Fire. Raft. Pop. lol. Football. Diving board. Flip. Vanberge. James Gandolfini. Family redefined. Wikipedia. WordPress. Update. P4P. lol JJA. Gallery. Basketball. Scruff. No showering.

24. finale. china? hmm.. Rescue Me. Promotion. Busy. Blackberry. Engaged. House. Central Air. Ultimate fighter. GTA III.

More.  Maybe.  Later.

P4P Workout.

Apparently, today created a link on their main page that points to p4p…

“… Actually 30% of our viewers are felign” is the link title… and the link points to a picture in my gallery of my cat staring at how funny.

So far i’ve had like 3,000 hits today. and my server was crashed until noon from the many requests. I mean really… that is pretty funny.

Screenshots to follow…

Here’s the pic that got linked by CH.
Screenshots of some stats n stuff.

Sopranos, The

I’ve forever been against purchasing ‘The Sopranos’ on DVD – just on the fact that it has always been at least 80 dollars everywhere i’ve seen. This is a series that i’ve never watched, ever in my life. A part of me has wanted to, but not for 80 bux.

For some reason lately, i’ve been on quite the ‘organized crime’ funk. I watched Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, Heat, Payback… I’m re-re-re playing grand theft auto 3.   for some reason – something about the whole idea really appeals to me.  I think it started when i was watching ‘Thief’….

Anyway… This week the Sopranos at best buy was 50 dollars. I decided it was time to buy it. So, i picked up the first season. I watched it all in 4 days. I’m hooked. It is a fantastic show. It makes me wish i was 100% italian…

I’m debating starting a “Van” mafia where you have to be part hollander…

p.s. i love giving best buy my old phone number when they ask at the checkout line. each time is a small moral victory for me…