Monthly Archives: January 2006

Super Bowl Party

Next Sunday is super bowl sunday. Last year, this resulted in a moderately sized get together at my place where food, barley, football, and vanhood were all consumed.

This year, the plan is the same. Anyone who wants to come over next sunday, feel free. Just contact me at some junction.

The agenda will include the ever famous cheese dogs, marshmellow dipped carmel krispy treats, etc, etc This year however, will bring the addition of a chocolate fountain. So, food will be flowing – but BYOB.

House Weekend

lately, i have been growing exceedingly frustrated with leasing an ‘apartment’. not only are neighbors annoying, noisy, slobs, – but rent is expensive where i live. its not worth it to me to pay so much money and have absolutely no return on that investment. All that money could be going towards a house.

So, the process of home owning is now rolling. I qualify for up to 135 grand (although those mortgage payments would be less than affordable)… In reality im looking to spend 110 – 115 k. So i’m 99 % sure that i’m going to own a home before, perhaps way before; my lease ends in may. We have looked at one, and are scheduled to look at two more… If i find something i like for an affordable price, consider me homeownerberge. I dont even mind if it’s a bit of a fixer upper. Pretty much as long as it is not an apartment, and my stuff can fit into it, i would possibly be interested.

in addition to house shopping… i love every one of my friends. This was one of the better weekends of my entire life. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was especially nice to let loose after a fairly stressful week at work. My position is really evolving to a point where i am the go to guy for alot of different things. Blackberries, the SAN, pretty much anythin server related, etc. etc… Its very exciting. But, in cases where you have to be the one to administer a “Disaster recovery SAN failover test” – it can be a slight bit stressful.

At any rate – the D.R test was a success, im vanberge, payner can arrest me legally, vanlandw lost 10 knockout matches straight, vanbergs is my brother, flo throws up if he bowls, i suck at bowling, uccello’s has the best pizza ever, some day i’m eating “the legend”, and Gran Turismo 4 has gotten me back into it.

Diet Vanberge

A bit prior to thanksgiving, i weighed myself on my parents scale… Typically, i could care less about my body or my weight… But, this day, i saw something i have never seen before “245”. I typically thought i weighed 235, which was fine with me on every accord. However, when i realized that the elusive “250” was so close, i felt like something had to be done.

I started drinking less pop… drinking black coffee at work… minor changes. I got to about 235 this way.

Then comes the new year at work. Somehow, somebody organized a ‘biggest losers’ type club; with a catch. Each person puts in 10 dollars… and at the end of a year, the biggest loser takes all. That, in combination with ENFUEGO MIGUEL weighing less than me (although i am taller…), have inspired me to drastically change my lifestlye. So, for the past week, i have: Eaten a banana and grape nuts cereal every day for breakfast, drank only water and black coffee, eaten very light lunches (1 sandwitch without mayo, an apple, etc), and eaten sensible dinners. I have even gone out to eat twice and ordered only salads. Blah blah blah, i changed my eating habits.

Keeping in mind that i did not do any additional exercise of any kind, read on: Initial weigh in at work for the ‘biggest losers’ club i weighed 238… Over the weekend I purchased a scale, and was astounded that i currently weigh 228 pounds. I havent been that light in probably 24 years. I was absolutely shocked to see that changing my eating habits for 7 days yielded a 10 pound reduction in my body weight…

Now the trick is ‘staying motivated’… as it grows harder and harder to avoid calling papa john.

I’m back into
I want to buy this
I love third strike.