Monthly Archives: February 2005

Definitely…. A nerd

If anybody ever had any doubt that i am a total nerd, please review the following:

This weekend i spent 50 dollars on a Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) self certification library. This includes two official Cisco textbooks, as well as a router emulation software that simulates various networks and allows you to “virtually” configure them. Basically, it is step 1 of getting Cisco certified. That’s nerd point 1.

Next, for some completely unknown and unseen reason, i have started to learn a programming language called python. This is even more shocking because I really didnt like programming when i was attending good ol’ gvsu. I had always heard about the language, and its especially easy to use with linux/unix. So i just started doing some on line tutorials to gte the feel of it. Now, I am re-creating my CS-162 project of creating a “vending machine”. Although in the very early stages, i did write all this from scratch. Check out my code!! SourceCode. During this, i experimented around with some ‘hacking’ on my friends websites. Not really successfully, but some of you can be telnetted to port 25 😉

As far as work goes, im still loving it. I got my “official” business cards today. “Eric Vanbergen: IT Technician – Server Support”. I’m still kind of on a high from this whole thing… I feel like im finally “here”. And that its downhill from now. Things feel like they have all just fallen into place.


didnt cut it

apparently, if you dont take immediate care of a cold…. it can and will turn out to be “walking pneumonia”. I have encountered this, but only in my right lung.

I have stayed home from work for 2.5 days so far, and that is really not my style. I have also gone to the doctor, paid 50 dollars for 5 pills, and slept for about 12 hours each night. But, i am nearly all the way better. I tried going to work today but started to feel myself get weak and begin coughing. I decided probably 1 more night of rest was needed.

I oddly find myself wishing i could go back to work. This is not a feeling i am used to, but it definitely gets pretty boring pretty quickly when you are home for 5 days straight with nothing to do. Frank Black got me through it so far… I’m anxious to get back to work, because there is alot of cool stuff going on that I’d like to be a part of. Anyways… Im sick, and Im tired. Im too lazy to add comments for this post.

dr. vanberge

I am quite sure that in my wake of one of the worst headcolds ever (possibly including bronchitis), that i have invented a fool proof medicine that will cure the disease 100 % of the time

It goes as follows: drink 5 hot green tea’s, drink 1 dayquil shot, one robitussin shot, drink 3 “hot cider”s, eat 4 cupcakes, eat 13 soda crackers, sleep for 1.5 hours in the afternoon, watch 7 episodes of millenium, make wes go to the doctor, block vanbergs, listen to your upstairs neighbors, read slashdot, play counter strike, call everyone ‘hackers’ because you suck at counter strike, drink a vernors, eat a “ricola” and a “halls” at the same time, eat more soda crackers, drink your 6th green tea, update your weblog…

well, thats all i have so far… I’ll let you know when i finish and hopefully I can go to work tomorrow.


Times Have Changed.

Last night before I went to bed, I saw this commercial for “Invent-Tech” or something like that. Some scam to rope people into buying information about filing patent requests for inventions. A horrid commercial? affirm. But then I started thinking “What could I invent??”. Granted; this is after spending a night at the bar AND putting together a new computer so it was like 4 a.m.

Basically, what I came up with is that there is nothing left to “invent”. Sure, there will be progress in technologies, medicines, etc. But really, the days where John Q thinker can just go invent or discover something are long gone. For Example: Benjamin Franklin put a key on a kite and discovered electricity. When is the last time there was a story like that ?? But seriously, the only inventions or progressions today are from multi million dollar corporations who can spend countless amounts on “R & D” in labs. Even when something is invented, it will be the company that is credited, and not the person with the original idea

What is the world going to do when we have discovered everything ? I think we might be finding out currently.