Year end recap

i took my last week of vacation. i got a new cell phone. christmas happened. i got an ipod video. i really like my car. everyone i know is undecisive. the lead singer of the “Guano Apes” is not a male. I have a new found love for “3rd Strike – No light”. videora kicks ass. “The Boondock Saints” resides on my ipod and on my cell phone. i’m never leaving my job. i dont know your “hoo ha” name. i wish mickeyvb would make a website. ef digital catch phrase. ef tom. i really love 16 pound 95 dollar cuts of prime rib that mickeyvb prepares to perfection. jesus. literally jesus. i have the same cell phone number. fieldy is a slap bassist. ef flo. four brothers is an awesome move. looking forward to beer dogs.

can you hear me now

10 thoughts on “Year end recap

  1. vanlandw

    everybody rips me off….but it’s ok

    also ef myspace and for most things in your post i’m in full agreement. four brothers was maybe the most surprising movie of 2005. tom sucks.

    i can hear you

  2. Jeff

    “i am sorry to say this [Eric], but the fact that you [posted a] hollow [unordered list] detracts from the value of your internet destination.

    you are posting content for the sheer purpose of inflating your numbers. effectively, you are spamming your own online journal with less than interesting content.

    Perhaps your priorities are astray?


  3. Darrin

    I personally am a fan of what vanberge has done here. He has stated the facts of 2005 in a very concise Dutch format. ‘gg’ vanberge.

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