So, I’m married. I went to mexico for a week. I snorkeled. I ate like a king. I got a tan. I got a disturbed ticket.

I hate flying. I love vanbergs. I love the sopranos. I love the wire. I hate prison break. I hate nip tuck. I love/hate russellteee. I hate iguanas. I hate the detroit lions. I hate rain. I’m alive.

What a dizzying couple of weeks.

Our wedding and reception was legitimately the most fun i have had in a very long time. I’ve never ever danced like that, and i’m sure i never will again. I dont know who started it or what happened or how it began, but i had so much fun. I was very glad to have so many family and friends be able to make it. I felt truly lucky, and my thanks to everyone for being a part of that.

This leads me to my call of arms. I am begging that anybody who sustained any form of photography at this reception or party to please find a way to get me copies of those pictures. Cdrom, zip file, whatever. I’d really like to have copies of everyone’s pictures from that night. Mainly, im thinking:

  • Flo
  • Gato/Vanlandw
  • Mickeyvb/Vanbergs
  • Rusty?

I know alot of you have posted the pics on line, but i can’t really download each one individually (if there is a bulk download option i am missing, please inform me… i’ll do that!) Vanlandw? maybe you can host a zip of the gato’s? Flo maybe you can host a zip of yours? 😛 Thanks in advance everyone seriously.

Now the honeymoon. I hadn’t been on an airplane since i was probably 14/15. At that point in my life, i loved it. I couldn’t stop staring out the window. This time flying was a different experience. Everything went smoothly… no lost bags, no delays. But i hated flying. I hated traveling in general. I hated customs. Luggage. Metal detectors. Waiting in terminals. The whole process drank bleach. It was fun being in mexico, but getting there and coming back made me not want to travel anywhere again for a long time.

All in all, i’m happy. Very happy. No kids anytime soon though…


  • I added internet to my phone. ($5.99… seriously)
  • I am watching the sopranos season 5.
  • I finished the Wire season 2.
  • I am proposing a “go out” night this weekend. Anybody interested in uccello’s or BW3s?


8 thoughts on ““Yeah”

  1. vanlandw


    You will get the pics I’ll get them to you in a week or so

    I don’t have shit to do this weekend but I have to work sunday….

    you are a fantastic person brb

  2. Kramer

    Your wedding was awesome, Vanberge. It was great to see all of you, and I am extremely glad I made it.

    I agree with you about flying. Normally I like to fly. If you read my blog, you can read my experience with United Airlines and why they are on the dead to me list.

  3. FLO

    well, considering i might or might not work tomorrow, i say friday is the sure bet. all depends if the doctor sticks a very large needle into my hip and draws bone marrow from me like an ant eater drawing ants from an ant hill. i’ve heard the procedure is painfull. if it is, no work and then ucello’s on vicodin. no procedure, then work. what fun. out at 11pm.

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