Vanhood and Web frenzy

Constitution of Vanhood
I want to (for nor particular reason) make this fresh in the minds of Vans.

Moving on – Alot of web related content, update, new domain, etc. crap this weekend. As one might notice from the flurry of updates over the past few days. Not too sure why i’m all the sudden so interested in doing things with my websites and/or ordering new domain names. I really don’t like reading or writing CSS, i really don’t like html, I feel “ok” about wordpress… Really, I’m definitely not cut out to be a web designer or developer.

I think it’s creativity. That’s really the only thing it can be. Because I don’t have much of a chance for that kind of thing in my day to day life – there’s not really any “creative outlet” that motivates me. I work with computers at my job, I play video games, my life is pretty routine; and probably will continue that routine for it’s entirety(although, it is a routine that i am very, very happy with)… It’s been a very busy year. With planning a wedding and buying and moving into a house, 2006 has just flown by like a mother effing plane that happens to have mother effing snakes on it. And on this plane, the right side of my brain probably does about 89% of the flying.

Things are settling down. The wedding is almost here, and mostly planned… We’re settled into our house, so now i’m having a chance to notice that just setting yourself up with a means of creativity seems to be motivation enough. Somehow, subconsiously i ponder ideas for my websites: What should i write about? What can I write about? What should it look like? What can I do with it? Things like that. There’s no real reason for me to even give these types of questions any entertaining thought… What’s weird is this comes and goes.  Sometimes i dont touch my website for months; then sometimes i spend an entire weekend doing nothing but tweaking/updating it.  I can’t explain it.. But, at least the left side is getting some action.

3 thoughts on “Vanhood and Web frenzy

  1. vanlandw

    coming up with stuff to update about is hard. i don’t write about a lot of stuff mostly just because I will get made fun of (as i do 99% of the time anyway).

    you should write a “pt2” for your vanhood post. i hate updating my website and it’s tough.

  2. vanberge

    Vanlandw, you shouldn’t worry about being made fun of.

    Nobody makes fun of you. We give you a hard time to keep you on your toes! 🙂 I would never criticise any web content you publish, other than pictures of samus. :-*

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