I did some updating recently…

WordPress is now 2.8.3
Also updated TwitterTools and this Panorama to the latest versions.

I must admit though, I’m sort of debating whether or not to even keep a personal website/blog anymore…

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. chouse

    Yes, I am debating as well. I did want to start up a tech related blog and just blog there about tech stuff and not pollute the csh.us blog, but who knows. I probably would never have time for it. Also, blogging used to be about sharing stuff, but now we have google reader and facebook for that, and it’s easier and you know it reaches the audience you’re aiming for, so having a blog is kind of taking a backseat to that now. Who knows!

  2. vanlandw

    I would say you should not abolish your blog but maybe you could make it more of a CENTRAL HUB of all things vanberge. Rather then having your blog on the main url just have it link to shit that you use like last.fm and stuff like that. At times I feel like really cleaning up my online persona but again it comes to time and interest. Right now I haven’t been wanting to share next to anything online most because I don’t think anybody would care about anything I would post or want to write about.

    Regardless I wouldn’t abolish your blog but maybe pointing it in a new direction might be better.

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