Up and Down

To recap the last month, there have been several ups and downs.

Down – Comcast raised their cable prices.  I am convinced that this company is simply the worst company in the entire charted universe.  No company on any world terrestrial or extra, are more of a disgrace of business operations.  They are absolutely the most abysmal service providing body that I can ever imagine dealing with.  Ef comcast in the a.

Up – I cancelled my cable service and upped my netflix subscription.  Monthly bill instantly drops nearly 50 dollars.

Down – Wife’s car wont start, goes in for work, starts but then runs poorly, goes back in for more work, has check engine light come on, back in for MORE work (nearly 3 weeks now).

Up – I screamed at the dealer after becoming more enraged than i have ever been, and the last repair was free.

Down – I have been sick most of this week.

Up – I didn’t go to work most of this week.

Down – “Bad boys” with Sean Penn.

Up – Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Down – Tax season

Up – Tax returns

Down – Spending tax returns on car repairs and doggie debt.

Up –  17 inch HP pavillion, dual core 64 bit processor, 256 meg video card, 160 gb hd, 2 gigs ram, webcam, fingerprint scanner, dvd writer, hdmi output, vista ultimate 64.

Now, level off a bit… life

4 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. vanlandw

    apparently with vanberge and kramer getting a new terminal i may have the worst comptuer out of anybody i know.

    you are a good man i’m sorry about the bad things but the good things make up for it


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